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India ranks 99 on Global Prosperity Index

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As per the report by Legatum Prosperity Index 2015 India ranked 99 out of 142 countries on a prosperity index, going up three places from last year(102), but falling behind one spot in a sub-category that measures personal freedom.

India Rank in Education

Factors considered while making report:

  • Economy(including GDP)
  • Governance
  • Position in health, Education, safety and security
  • personal freedom and social capital

Comparison with neighbouring countries:

  • China (52)
  • Sri Lanka (61)
  • Thailand (48)
  • Nepal (89)
  • Bangladesh (103)

India’s thorough Ranking in key areas and countries topped:

Governance             Social capital Safety

and security  

Health        Education           Personal freedomEconomy           
SwitzerlandNew ZealandHong KongUSAAustraliaCanadaSingapore

Key Facts:

  • UK visa norms at number one in Europe for ease in entrepreneurship and opportunity indices.
  • Bottom countries: Haiti, Afghanistan and Central African Republic.