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India ranks 59th in the rule of law index

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According to new study that ranks countries on how the rule of law is experienced by the citizens,India comes in the top 50 countries for effective criminal justice system. But when it comes to the civil justice, India is one of the worst performing countries.

  • USA based World justice project that released rule of law index 2015, analysed 102 countries world over by using a survey of over 1000 respondents from three big cities, alone with local legal experts, in each nation.

Observations from the data collected      

  • How the rule of law is experienced in practical, every day situations using 47 indicators across eight categories.
  • Restriction on government powers, absence of corruption, open government, basic rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement also civil and criminal justice.

WJP Rule of Law index— India’s overall rule of law performances places it in 3rd position out of six in South Asian region based countries 10 out of 25 in lower middle income countries and 59th out of 102 nations world wide. Denmark is the top over all performer. Nepal came on top in  South Asia region.

Criminal justice— India is placed at 44 rank globally, number 1 in South Asia and number 4 among lower middle income groups . The surveys analysed whether  criminal  investigation and adjudication is effective, whether it was impartial and free of corruption and whether the rights of the accused were protected.

Civil justice— India is placed at 88 globally,3rd in South Asia and 19th among lower middle income group countries.

The survey look at the accessibility to civil justice  including awareness of remedies, availability of legal advice, absence of excessive  or unreasonable fees.Discrimination free and corruption free of civil justice system is also enquired by the  index.

Four dimensions to measure government openness.

  • India is 37th globally and 3rd in the lower middle income nations
  • Open government index uses 4 dimensions like publicised laws and government data, right to information, civic participation and complaint mechanisms.

Order and Security— India is placed at 90th place worldwide, 4th in South Asia, 20th among lower middle income nations. The measures used are absence of crimes,absence of civil conflict like terrorisms etc, absence of violence.

A UN global online survey taken by 7.5 million people referred to honest and responsive government as their priority  after education,healthcare and job opportunities.