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India Ranks 144th, Finland tops: UN’s World Happiness Report 2020

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On March 21, 2020 the United Nations (UN) released the 8th World Happiness Report 2020 to measure the happiness of people of 156 countries where India(3.573) ranks in 144th position &  Finland(7.809) tops the 3rd happiness report 2020Key Points:

i.The survey ranks the countries using Gallup World Poll, GDP levels, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom &  corruption income.

ii.This year’s report mainly focuses on happiness in the environment especially in  social, urban, rural &  natural areas and also links happiness & sustainable development.

iii.This is the 1st time India ranked among the least happy countries.Last Year India ranked at 140th Position.

iv.Denmark (7.646) is positioned in 2nd rank followed by Switzerland (7.560) in 3rd rank followed by Iceland (7.504) & Norway (7.488), & the least happy countries are Afghanistan (2.567) in 153rd rank, South Sudan (2.817) in 152nd rank & Zimbabwe (3.299) in 151st rank.

Rank table (including top & bottom)


152South Sudan


v.This is the 1st time the report ranks cities around the world, where Delhi- India (4.011) is positioned in 180th position which is among 10 least happiest cities ,Helsinki-Finland (7.828) tops the report were, Kabul -Afghanistan (3.236) is at the bottom place with 186th position.

About United Nations:
The main objective of the United Nations is to maintain international peace & security, develop friendly relations among nations & to promote social progress, better living standards & human rights.
Headquarters– NewYork, United States
Secretary General– António Guterres