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Important MS Office Word Key Board Shortcuts

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Dear Readers,

In this article I am sharing some important and useful short cuts used in Microsoft Office Word. There are lots of short cuts available in MS Word. However, all of them are not useful in our day to day life word processing tasks. It is tedious to memorize all the shortcuts available in MS Word.

Before reading this article, please open a page in MS Word in your Computer. Type or copy paste some contents into the page.

Now try the following short cuts one by one and realize the operation. Now think how we can keep it in our memory so that we can answer the questions related to shortcuts in Bank, Insurance and other Govt. exams. Most of them are already known to you and a few are new.

Thank you.


  1. Create New document- Ctrl+N
  2. Open document- Ctrl+O 
  3. Close document Window- Ctrl+W
  4. Save document- Ctrl+S
  5. Save as- F12
  6. Print document or Open Print preview- Ctrl+P
  7. Switch between multiple Word documents- Ctrl+F6 


  1. Switch to Print Layout view- Alt+Ctrl+P
  2. Switch to Outline view- Alt+Ctrl+O
  3. Switch to Draft view (used to see Normal view)- Alt+Ctrl+N 
  4. Zoom in and zoom out- Ctrl+Scroll Mouse 


  1. Jump one character to the Left / to the Right- Arrow Left/Arrow Right 
  2. Jump one word to the left / to the right- Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow Right 
  3. Jump to the End of a line / Beginning of a line- End/Home 
  4. Jump one Line down / one Line down- Arrow Down/Arrow Up 
  5. Jump one Paragraph down / one Paragraph up- Ctrl+Arrow Down/ Ctrl+Arrow Up 
  6. Jump one Screen down/ one Screen up- Page Down/Page Up 
  7. Jump to End / to Beginning of document- Ctrl+End/Ctrl+Home 
  8. Go back to previously edited location in document (up to 4 places)- Alt+Ctrl+Z 


  1. Extend selection one character to the Right / to the Left- Shift+Arrow Right/Left
  2. Extend selection to the End / to Beginning of a line- Shift+End/Shift+Home 
  3. Extend selection one line Down / one line Up- Shift+Arrow Down/Up
  4. Extend selection one screen down / one screen up- Shift+Page Down/Up 
  5. Extend selection to end / to beginning of document- Ctrl+Shift+End/Home 
  6. Extend selection to end / to beginning of visible window- Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Down/Up
  7. Extend selection to entire document- Ctrl+A


  1. Decrease / Increase font size one value- Ctrl+Shift+
  2. Apply/remove Bold- Ctrl+B
  3. Apply/remove Italic- Ctrl+I 
  4. Apply/remove Underline- Ctrl+U
  5. Apply/remove subscript –Ctrl+=
  6. Apply/remove superscript- Ctrl+Shift+=
  7. Apply/remove Double-underline- Ctrl+Shift+D
  8. Apply/remove Words underline (only words, no spaces)- Ctrl+Shift+W
  9. Apply/remove All capitalsCtrl+Shift+A
  10. Apply/remove Small capitals- Ctrl+Shift+K
  11. Change between All upper, First letter upper and All lower-case- Shift+F3
  12. Reveal Formatting (style of the fonts and paragraph)- Shift+F1
  13. Apply/remove Highlight Text- Ctrl+Alt+H 


  1. Right-align paragraph- Ctrl+R
  2. Left-align paragraph- Ctrl+L
  3. CEnter-align paragraph –Ctrl+E
  4. Justify-align paragraph- Ctrl+J 
  5. Increase hanging indenT (Spacing at the beginning of a paragraph) – Ctrl+T
  6. Decrease hanging indenT(Spacing at the beginning of a paragraph)- Ctrl+Shift+T
  7. Set line-spacing to single-space- Ctrl+1
  8. Set line-spacing to double-space- Ctrl+2 
  9. Set line-spacing to 1.5- Ctrl+5
  10. Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph – Ctrl+0 (zero) 


  1. Undo the last action- Ctrl+Z
  2. Redo the last action- Ctrl+Y


  1. Copy selected text or object- Ctrl+C
  2. Cut selected text or object- Ctrl+X 
  3. Paste selected text or object- Ctrl+V 
  4. Copy text format (Size, Font and Style of the Text)-Ctrl+Shift+C
  5. Paste text format (Size, Font and Style of the Text)- Ctrl+Shift+V


  1. Insert Symbol Menu – Alt+N+U
  2. Insert Copyright (©) symbol- ­Alt+Ctrl+C
  3. Insert Registered Trademark (®) symbol- Alt+Ctrl+R
  4. Insert trademark symbol (™) symbol- Alt+Ctrl+T
  5. Insert horizontal ellipsis (…) symbol – Alt+Ctrl+.
  6. Insert paragraph break- Enter
  7. Insert line break without breaking paragraph- Shift+Enter
  8. Insert page break- Ctrl+Enter
  9. Insert a Footnote- Alt+Ctrl+F
  10. Insert an EnDnote- Alt+Ctrl+D
  11. Insert a HyperlinKCtrl+K


  1. Find a word- Ctrl+F
  2. Find  a word and Replace with another word- Cntrl+H


  1. Delete one character to the right / to the left (or delete selection)- Delete/Backspace
  2. Delete one word to the right / to the left- Ctrl+Delete/Ctrl+Backspace