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IBPS RRB Interview Experience shared by Saurabh Kumar

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Hi friends! Our reader Saurabh Kumar shared interview experience that he had during IBPS RRB Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.

Hello friends this is Saurabh. I’m sharing my interview experience of IBPS RRB OS 1

Name: Saurabh Kumar(disqus id: Phoenix)
Qualification: BA History


Venue: Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank HQ, Patna, Bihar

Date, Time & Panel: 24/01/17, 08:30, Panel:V

The allocated centre was near to my home, so reached there exactly at 08:30am, document verification process was very fast and smooth, I was second in the panel to be interviewed so it took only 30 minutes for document verification and biometric registration. So here begins the real game.As I was the second candidate to be interviewed so didn’t got enough time to worry about anything else like what they will ask, how I will perform, I just stood up with confidence.

Asked for the permission to enter into the room they said come in.

Entered the room, closed the door as it was before. There were four members 1 mam and 3 sirs.

I: Good Morning mam, and good morning Sir(didn’t said sirs because somewhere i read that we should not use plural and try to greet them in a single line and single word maintaing the eye contact). They also replied positively.

Head: Please be seated.

I: Thank You Sir.

F1 : Mr. Saurabh tell us something about yourself in English.

I: Replied.

Head: aarrre mam ye to History se hai puchiye inse( Mam he is a graduate in history lets dig him :) ) and the whole panel started digging all of them asked  around 10-15 questions from history only, for around 3 minutes.

Question were about : Shersah Suri, Sur Dynasty,Mughal Dynasty,What is Medival Indian history give overview, Dharmyudh,Taimurlang, Slave dynasty etc.

After this the head of the panel again turned towards the M1 and said sir ask him something from Polity,

M1: Do you know the process of voting for the President of India.

I: Explain the process that the Members of Loksabha/RajyaSabha/State Legislature elect the president by voting.

M1: He said okay and asked You are from Bihar so tell me the neighbor states/countries.

I:  Nepal is in north, West Bengal is in East, Jharkhand is in south and on Western side Uttar Pradesh is our neighbor.

Head: Are you sure about this??

I : yes Sir

Head: Good be confident. Have you read today’s newspaper?? I know it might not be possible for you as we are conducting it in the morning, but still if you remembered any headline do tell us.

I: By god grace before leaving the home I had taken a glance of the newspaper, told him about a news that SBI has published a report anticipating that government might increase the exemption limit of tax from 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh. He said how you can say that govt. has not even announced the budget yet, I said sir it was anticipation by SBI.

The other news that I mentioned was about Union Budget and it’s dates govt. is publishing it on Feb 1.

Head: Now tell me what you have prepared for Banking?

I:  I have prepared some basic about banking.

Head: ok let me ask you a question I’m not expecting the answer from you because  only those who are working in banks will be able to explain this better, but still you should try to answer this.

I : Yes sir,  i will try.

Head: Agar saving account me koi cheque aata hai usme name date signature sab sahi hai but cheque number galat hai to payment kaise hoga??

mujhe question hi sahi se samjh na aaya :D ( i didn’t get the question even not able to recall the question exactly)

Me: without wasting the time .. Sorry Sir .

Head: okay and then explained the whole process.And then he said.. Okay you can go now.

I: Thank you sir, Have a nice day mam, have a nice day sir ( I didn’t forgot to greet them again :D)

Turned around and walked out of the room.

P.S. The whole interview was in Hindi in between they asked very few questions in English. I tried to keep a smiley face all the time not a fake smile though. :) They were also smiling during the whole interview.

All the best for your Result !!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU Saurabh for sharing your Interview Experience with us.