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IBPS PO Prelims Mock Test 1 Leader-Board

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Hello friends!!! first of all,thanks to all who supported and participated in mock test 2 . Hearty congratulations from our team to all who scored well .Who scored less,please don’t get disappointed we are here to help u.

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First Place
Total Mark63
Total Time Taken1hr
Quantitative Aptitude Mark/Time25/24.21
Reasoning Mark/Time24/26.11
English Mark/Time14/9.30
Second Place
Total Mark59
Total Time Taken59.38
Quantitative Aptitude Mark/Time23/26.57
Reasoning Mark/Time21/23.06
English Mark/Time15/9.35
NameDebajit Sarkar
Total Mark59
Total Time Taken59.52
Quantitative Aptitude Mark/Time20/30.54
Reasoning Mark/Time16/20.42
English Mark/Time23/8.16
Total Mark59
Total Time Taken59.59
Quantitative Aptitude Mark/Time20/25.19
Reasoning Mark/Time23/26.03
English Mark/Time16/8.35
Third Place
Total Mark58
Total Time Taken59.54
Quantitative Aptitude Mark/Time20/19.46
Reasoning Mark/Time17/31.16
English Mark/Time21/8.52

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