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IBPS PO 2017 Practice Test – Reasoning Day 26

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with the explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples for IBPS PO 2017. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

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Q(1-5). Study the following data and answer the questions

Eight persons are sitting around the circular table and all of them facing away from the centre. They like different colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Violet, Pink and White. And they also have different mobiles Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Redmi, Gionee & Lava not necessarily in the same order. There are three married couples are there in the family.
The person who likes Yellow sits between Green and Black. Bhanu is the only sister – in- law of Prasanth. The person who likes Green sits between Blue and Yellow. Prasanth is the father of Durga and uncle of Vamsi, sits adjacent left of the person who has Oppo mobile. Chandana has Gionee mobile and she is the daughter-in-law of Ramesh. Durga is an immediate neighbour of her aunty Bhanu who doesn’t sit next to Swati. Ramesh doesn’t have Redmi or Lava mobile. Durga and Vamsi sit next to each other. One who has Motorola mobile sits between Vamsi and the one who has Samsung mobile. The Person who likes Violet sits between Black and Pink. Vamsi sits third to the left of Swati. Vamsi doesn’t like Green and White. One who has Gionee Mobile Sits between the persons who have Lava and Redmi mobiles. Swati’s husband and one of her son sit adjacent to her. No of persons sitting between one who likes Violet and one who has Gionee is three. Vamsi’s father doesn’t have Vivo mobile. Vamsi does not have Nokia or Lava. Swati is the mother of Prasanth and Tarun.

  1. Which of the following statement is true?
    A. Husband of Swati is sitting second to the right of Ramesh
    B. Grandson of Swati is sitting adjacent to her
    C. Daughter of Chandana is sitting between her husband and her Father – in- Law
    D. Prasanth sits third to the left of his brother
    E. All are true
    Answer – D. Prasanth sits third to the left of his brotherbld-relnsa-1

  2. Who among the following likes White colour?
    A. Ramesh
    B. Durga
    C. Swati
    D. Chandana
    E. Tarun
    Answer – B. Durga

  3. Which of the following combination is true?
    A. Bhanu – Black – Samsung
    B. Ramesh – Pink – Vivo
    C. Vamsi – Red – Redmi
    D. Swati – White – Oppo
    E. All are incorrect
    Answer – C. Vamsi – Red – Redmi

  4. Prasanth owns which company Mobile?
    A. Vivo
    B. Redmi
    C. Lava
    D. Motorola
    E. Oppo
    Answer – C. Lava

  5. If ‘Bhanu’ is related to ‘Black’, ‘Ramesh’ is related to ‘green’ then ‘Prasanth’ likes which colour?
    A. White
    B. Pink
    C. Violet
    D. Yellow
    E. Red
    Answer – E. Red

Q(6-10). Study the following data and answer the questions

Seven Airlines Air Asia, Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways, Go Air, Spice Jet and Vistara are operating different flights from Delhi to different destinations Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru not necessarily in Same order. They depart from Delhi at different timings 6:30 AM, 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, and 10:30 AM. Travelling time to any destination is not more than 2 hours and not less than 1 hour.

Go Air operates flight to Indore and reaches Indore at 11:00 AM. The Departure time of Spice Jet in Chennai is same as Arrival time of Air India Flight. No of Flights reaching destination before Spice Jet reaches its destination is three. Arrival time of Indigo is same as departure time of Go Air. Flight going to Mumbai is the first flight to departure and first to reach the destination. Difference between Arrival and Departure of flight operating running from Delhi to Banglore is only one hour. Jet Airways’s travel time is 2 hours. Vistara Airlines operates flight to Goa depart at 8:00 AM. Arrival time of Goa is same as Departure time of Jet Airways flight. No of flights travelling for 2 hours is four. Air Asia is the last flight to departure from Delhi, three flights reach their destination after its departure time. Flight to Kolkata reaches at 11:30 AM

  1. Indigo operates the flight to which city?
    A. Mumbai
    B. Banglore
    C. Hyderabad
    D. Kolkata
    E. None
    Answer – C. Hyderabad

  2. Which of the following flights traveled less than 2 hours?
    A. Air India
    B. Indigo
    C. Spice Jet
    D. Go Air
    E. Jet Airways
    Answer – C. Spice Jet

  3. Spice Jet reaches Chennai at what time?
    A. 9:30
    B. 10:00
    C. 10:30
    D. 11:00
    E. None
    Answer – B. 10:00

  4. Air India is operated to which city?
    A. Mumbai
    B. Banglore
    C. Hyderabad
    D. Kolkata
    E. None
    Answer – A. Mumbai

  5. No of flights reached destination after arrival time of Spice Jet is ?
    A. One
    B. Two
    C. Three
    D. Four
    E. None
    Answer – C. Three