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IBPS Clerk Prelims V 2015 – Exam Analysis 6th December 2015

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Dear Aspirants

IBPS conducted the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam from 6th December 2015 in four slots. The pattern of exam was similar to that of IBPS PO Prelims Exam. However it was easy as compared to SBI PO Prelims and IBPS PO Prelims Exam.

Overall level of the exam was easy except Quantitative Aptitude (calculative).

IBPS Clerk Course 2015: Prelims Mock Test 4 ( Exam Pattern 2015 )

The overall analysis of the exam along with the number of Good Attempts is as:


TopicsSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4
English Language


Reading(Easy) Comprehension10(Based on story -Blacksmith fell in love)10(Based on story- Friendship of a Tortoise & an Eagle)10(Based on story-Spinner and his lazy wife)10(Based on story-King and his three sons)
Cloze Test(Easy)5(Based on story- New year Celebration)5(Based on story-Hunter)5(Based on story-Guru and his disciple)5(Based on story- Talkative boys & his mother)
Para jumbles(Easy)5(Based on story- Little girl Dorothy and her pet dog)5(Based on story-About an old man and his pet animals)5(Based on story-Science teacher and his class)5(Based on story-Student interest in Science subject)
Spell check(Easy)5555
Good Attempts22-2520-2220-2422-25
Spotting error(Easy)5555
Quantitative Aptitude
Number Series(Easy-Moderate)5555
Data Interpretation(Easy)5555
Good Attempts15-1715-1814-1814-18
Number Series(Easy)5555
Circular Sitting Arrangement(Easy)5555
Linear Arrangement(Easy)5555
Coding Decoding(Easy)5555
Good Attempts22-2624-2823-2622-28


Here are some of the questions shared by our readers

 Quantitative Aptitude

90 100 112 128 150 ?
1 2 6 21 88
15 17 22 32 ? 75
36 34 38 30 ? 14
9 5 6 10.5 23 ?
Length of rectangle 23 more than breadth if total cost of painting is 470 and per m is Rs.5 find length of rectangle
If length of of rectangle 1.5 time breadth and side of square is equal to length of rectangle and difference between area of rectangle and square is 108 find area of rectangle.

6 women and 6 men can do a piece of work in 6 days. 9 women can do work in 10 days. 15 men can complete the work in?

English Language

Synonyms- Steady, continuous, steadily, futile, merrily, shirk

Antonyms- Regain, loss, quit, lavish

Spell check- numerous, technical,  tacling,  prioritise, farely, right, var, mamory.