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Handy tips to attempt Descriptive writing – Part II

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Do visit Descriptive Writing part 1 before reading this article


Note – For the sake of the article I have chosen the topic – ‘GST:  A must for India’

Beginning from where we left the first part, let’s begin structuring the essay.


Every essay consists of these three parts

1.Introduction (Intro)

There are many ways to start an essay. Following are the most common ones:

  • By quotes – Mahatma Gandhi very rightly said ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’
  • Asking questions – Do we really need GST? Or Is the spending on Clean energy justified?
  • General statement – GST is a type of an indirect tax which India is in process of implementing form 1st July 2017.

‘General Statement’ is the best way to start an essay. More than half the candidates follow this approach. It should entail simple language, (be as simple as you can) describing the main topic.

After a one line intro, you should move to from general to specific.

GST is a type of an indirect tax which India is in process of implementing form 1st July 2017. Govt. wants to make India a single market and remove tax barriers between states.

Read the above two lines again. The essay has slowly transited from general statement to a specific one. 1st describes what GST is (read the general statement), and the second one tells its particular importance for India. From here we can build on – advantages of GST to govt, advantages for common man, advantages for India as a nation etc.

You can write two to three lines and then move towards your theme or premise. This theme must coincide with the topic given. In the theme, you should give your own point of view.

For example –  GST would be a big step forward for a country like India to move towards a robust economic growth in coming years.(I have stated the topic in my own words, with some different direction).

Build your essay around this theme now. Intro part is done, now you have to connect this statement to the next paragraph. (Caution – do not use pronoun IT for GST in this line. Remember the ‘HaanikarakBapu’ GST must be repeated again and again)

What we have learnt : INTRO

  1. First line (simple and general)
  2. Move from general to specific (two to three lines)
  3. Derive your premise or theme, around which the essay will revolve.

BODY – Content Rich 

First thing you need to do is connect this portion with the theme that you have chosen, i.e. connect it with the last line – robust economic growth. This is a very very important point. If you don’t do it, then reader might get confused and we don’t want to confuse the EXAMINER. Hence take care of it.

Explain your theme and support it with statements. Give supporting ideas, prove your point through examples or numbers. This is the portion where you will use all your knowledge. Write all the technical data about GST, but only the relevant ones.

(Now don’t put question ‘Sir relevant details kaunkaun sepoints honge???’ if you know about the topic, you must be able to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant ones).

If you feel dearth of data or are unable to recall anything, use PESTLEDescriptive Writing

  • P – Political
  • E-  Economic
  • S – Social
  • T-  Technological
  • L – Legal
  • E – Environment

Try to incorporate as my points as possible. In a topic like – Women Empowerment – Political : 33% reservation in seats, reservation of some wards for females MC elections ; E – if women are not empowered, half of the population is not contributing to the development of nation; S- women is educated, family is educated etc etc. Technological, and Environmental cannot be incorporated in this topic. But in case of topic say, Indian Meteorological Department- Technology will be main focus. So, it depends from topic to topic which points are relevant.

This will be the biggest portion of the essay, so make sure all the sentences are well connected. Use connectors – however, moreover, another reason etc.


  1. Don’t just write two lines in the conclusion. Get back to the central theme, by sticking to the points you have made.
  2. No new points or fresh argument
  3. Rephrase but do not repeat the same lines in conclusion.
  4. If you have pointed out some problems in the essay, then do remember to provide a solution for them. For ex – if you have written that GST would require high level technology, in the conclusion you should write, that such a technology can be developed in India as well as we have no dearth of Software engineers.
  5. Take a balanced approach – this is a very important point. Read the following conclusion:

India will have to leverage the moral and diplomatic advantage it has obtained through this ruling to help Mr. Jadhav prove his innocence before a civilian court and win his freedom. Pakistan must act responsibly and abide by the fundamental norms of international law.

This has been taken from an editorial of ‘The Hindu’. Read how the writer has ended it optimistically. India should do………………… Pakistan should ……………. Although reality is very different.

Govt should increase the budget allotted to cleanliness and the citizens also must take responsibility that they do not litter here and there.

All optimism can be seen in these lines. Although none of the two things can happen.

Intro and Conclusion are the two more important parts. I have provided you complete detail about writing the descriptive. If you follow these points, score of more than 20 out of 30 is guaranteed. But getting a command over these points would only come by practicing more and more. Remember- An essay a day keeps the ‘Descriptive Fear’ away.

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I will put a topic on daily basis, you may write on that topic and submit it to me. I would also suggest you to make a group among your friends (probably a watsapp group), so that everyone in the group can put in their suggestions after reviewing the essay.

Topic for 23rd May – Future of Bitcoins
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Word limit – 250
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