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English Questions – Fill in the Blanks Set 93

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Direction: Q(1-10) Fill in the blanks: Each sentence below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for the blanks that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. The vision of Mr. Modi could well be the ……… that the policy makers might use to ……. the real estate sector.
    1.Roadmap, restructure
    2.Manner, shape
    3.Blueprint, plan
    4.Remedy, revise
    5.Approach, represent
    Answer – 1
    Explanation :
    Roadmap – a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal. Blueprint – a design plan, layout (blueprint of our new college building). Remedy-a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury, solution of a problem.

  2. Data mining is an…………tool for data analysts as it …………. them to judge behavioral patterns of customers.
    1.Outstanding, proposes
    2.Invaluable, proceeds
    3.Invaluable, displays
    4.Important, proclaims
    5.Indispensable, enables
    Answer – 5
    Explanation :
    Indispensable – Vital, essential. First blank can be filled with all the options. Propose – suggest/offer (marriage or business proposal). Proceed – begin, progress, move (you can proceed with your plan). Proclaim -indicate, reveal, show. Enable – to make able, empower. Only E fits in the second blank. The tool empowers (makes them able) to judge patterns of customer.

  3. By issuing Green bonds banks can …………. capital in the foreign market also with …………..safeguard measures
    1.Improve, proper
    2.Strengthen, durable
    3.Raise, adequate
    4.Stimulate, effective
    5.Provide, delicate
    Answer – 3
    Explanation :
    Raise capital (money)-  obtaining capital from investors or other sources. None of the other options fit the first blank. Stimulate – Excite, inspire, agitate. Durable – tough, strong. Adequate – sufficient, acceptable. Second blank can have proper and effective also as the answers.

  4. In Bihar we saw that parties which were………..enemies for decades grouped together to …………… against other parties in the elections.
    1.Implacable, organize
    2.Arch, fight
    3.Deadly, defend
    4.Intense, compete
    5.Known, contest
    Answer – 2
    Explanation :
    Implacable – which can’t be appeased, ruthless, cruel. Arch enemies – extremely hostile (India and Pak are arch enemies). Both options fit the first blank. Rest of the options are not as good – deadly, intense or known enemies. Between A and B, second blank can be filled by fight only (Modi fought 2014 elections from Varanasi constituency)

  5. Due to a large number of students in the class, it becomes……………..for any teacher to pay personal  …………to all of them
    1.Possible, heed
    2.Tough, condolence
    3.Important, homework
    4.Difficult, focus
    5.Hard, attention
    Answer -5 
    Explanation :
    Since the number is large, so it is tough or difficult or hard for teacher. Hence options A and C can be eliminated. Condolence – sympathy, comfort (I went to my friend’s house to offer/pay my condolences on his father’s death). Pay focus is wrong. Hence E.

  6. Merger of Rail Budget with Union Budget henceforth was ……….. heavily by the left parties as they were …………. of the railways being privatized in near future
    1.Critical, overwhelmed
    2.Thwarted, underwhelmed
    3.Condemned, apprehension
    4.Criticized, apprehensive
    5.Supported, happy
    Answer – 4
    Explanation :
    Sentence is in passive voice. We need third form of verb in the first blank which eliminates option a).  Option e) does not make a meaningful sentence as Happy can’t be used with of. Similarly, overwhelmed (have a strong emotional effect on) and underwhelmed (opposite of overwhelmed) won’t fit. Hence answer is D. One important thing to be remembered is that ‘apprehensive’ in most cases is followed by preposition ‘of’

  7. The Govt is looking to woo foreign investors to fund 700 tourism …………projects requiring over Rs 50000 crore during three-day summit to kick …… on Wednesday.
    1.Concerning, up
    2.Related, off
    3.Affected, in
    4.Afflicted, off
    5.Concerned, in
    Answer – 2
    Explanation :
    Kick off-  start (or resume) something like kick off time in a football match is the time when match starts. In the question, the meeting will start on Wednesday.
    Kick in – to come into operation. Inverters kick in when electricity goes off
    Kick up- to become stronger. Afflict – to affect adversely, cause pain or trouble

  8. Malnutrition, High Mortality rate and Illiteracy are ………… to govt’s progressive policies- aimed at utilizing demographic dividend – and …….. growth
    1.Harmful, support
    2.helpful , helps
    3.detrimental, impede
    4.decisive, push
    5.deleterious, restrains
    Answer – 3
    Explanation :
    All these problems (malnutrition, illiteracy etc) have bad effect on govt policies. So options D and B are eliminated w.r.t first blank. In the second blank option A would be incompatible because these problems can’t help in growth. Option E is grammatically wrong for second bank -restrain (subject is plural- illiteracy, malnutrition etc) would have been correct. Hence answer is C. Detrimental – harmful. Impede- hinder, hamper, obstruction

  9. During the ministerial meeting, which will be …………. by Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the RCEP members will…………on the single-tier system of duty relaxation.
    1.Chaired, Hung
    2.Headed, Deliberate
    3.Commanded, Discuss
    4.Helped, Talk
    5.Controlled, Speak
    Answer – 2
    Explanation :
    Headed and Chaired are the only options which can fit in the first blank. Deliberate on something implies to discuss and calculate.

  10.  Germany’s prolific striker, Klose ……… his retirement on Tuesday at the age of 38 after ………….. more than 100 goals for his country
    1.Declared, hitting
    2.Revealed, scoring
    3.Renounced, hitting
    4.Announced, scoring
    5.Publicized, keeping
    Answer – 4
    Explanation :
    Check out the second blank. Goals are SCORED. So only options we are left with are B and D. Reveal implies disclose something (information that has been hidden previously). Hence option D. With regard to only blank first, D and E both would be correct. Renounce – relinquish, abandon, resign