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Gujarat, Maharastra –top contributors of Indian Export

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The industrial body ASSOCHAM in one of its recent study revealed that Gujarat and Maharashtra contribute nearly 46% of the Indian exports occupying the topmost place.

Flash points

  • The report mentions that the first five states contribute to 69% of the total export of India
  • Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh occupy the first 5 places respectivelyGujarat, Maharastra –top contributors of Indian Export
  • The study analysed the exports between 2008-09 to 2014-15

In 2014-15 the scenario of exports was

  • Gujarat- $ 59.58 billion
  • Maharastra- $72.83 billion
  • TamilNadu- $ 27.47 billion

Special Export processing Zones have been identified as a catalyst for the increase in exports in these states

  • However on analyzing the growth rate, UP and Haryana have shown better improvement when compared to Gujarat and Maharashtra
  • The high contribution of exports was due to the benefit of coastline in case of Gujarat & Maharashtra but being landlocked states Haryana and UP showed growth of 4 & 18.3%
  • Cost and efficiency of Transport system paid better results in terms of improvement in exports which was the main hindrance of growth in North eastern states

Points to note

  • ASSOCHAM-The Associated Chamber of Commerce of India
  • Headquarters New Delhi
  • President Sunil Kanoria