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Government sets up expert group for suggestions on artificial intelligence policy

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Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has set up an internal committee which will provide suggestions to Indian government on framing a national policy on artificial intelligence (AI).

About Committee for Suggesting Artificial Intelligence Policy:

This internal committee comprising of experts will advise the IT ministry on the most appropriate technology for India in context of emerging trends in the area of AI.

  • Reducing/averting cyber attacks carried out with the help of AI is the main focus area of Indian government.
  • Members of the committee will also hold consultations with officials from Union Home Ministry as well as Union Finance Ministry.
  • The committee will soon submit a detailed report including suggestions/recommendations to the Government, which will serve as a base for forming the national policy.
  • Framework for India’s strategic plan to use AI will incorporate key areas that have been identified in Government’s seven-point strategy.
  • Developing methods for human machine interactions; creating a competent workforce in line with AI and R&D needs, ensuring safety and security of AI systems; measuring and evaluating AI technologies through standards and benchmarks and understanding and addressing the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI are among the key points included in Government’s seven-point strategy.

Emerging Trends in the area of Artificial Intelligence:

Ability of machines to perform given tasks by adapting to the environment and thereby maximising its chance of success is referred to as Artificial Intelligence.Government sets up expert group for suggestions on artificial intelligence policy

  • From 2016-2022 artificial intelligence market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.4%.
  • Trade analysts have forecasted that in 2020, artificial intelligence market will be worth $153 billion.
  • From Government’s perspective, AI is being viewed as a major challenge against creating as well as sustaining job opportunities, as in future more and more companies will deploy AI for executing tasks that currently require human resources.
  • Countries like US, UK and China are already working on formulating national plans to appropriately position themselves for harnessing AI technology in future.