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Global Travel Tourism – India in 52nd place

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On Global Travel Tourism list of countries, India has moved up 13 places to 52nd spot but ranks worst than China,Russia.Brazil,South Africa etc.

As far is the Business destination is concerned India fares better than the others but regarding infrastructure gaps, health issues, environment sustainability and its unsettling safety and security reasons,India’s ranking has been pulled little down.


  • Spain tops the list followed by France,Germany,US,UK,Switzerland,Australia,Italy,Japan and Canada in the top ten.
  • China 17th rank and Brasil 28th rank made it to top 30 with India at no 52.
  • WEF or World Economic Forum said that India’s  relevence as business travel destination is increasing along with the economic growth and it remains a highly price-competitive destination.
  • The recent changes in the Visa regime have the potential to boost the international arrivals.
  • In the TTCI or Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, India was ranked 65 out of 140 countries covered.
  • Long standing gaps in the infrastructure remains mainly in the tourism-specific infrastructure where india is ranked  109.
  • Its 106th rank for India in Health and Hygiene, and 114th rank in Information Communication Technology readiness.
  • The security and safety situation is unsettling where India position is 97. In case of environmental sustainability India ranks 139.
  • World Economic forum Economist, Mr Roberto Crotti said that a country need not be wealthy to have great tourism.
  • Many countries must still do more to tackle  travel and tourism challenges including visa policies,promotion of cultural heritage etc

About TTCI

  • It was first published in the year 2007 by World Economic Forum.
  • Index is the measurement of factors that make it attractive to develop business in travel and tourism industry of individual countries rather than measuring a countries attractiveness as tourist destination.

World Economic Forum

  • It is a non-profit organisation based at Switzerland.
  • Its current Executive-Chairman is Klaus Schwab.
  • The main motto of this is  Entrepreneurship in global public interest.
  • Its regional offices are in Beijing and New York city.