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Some Basic Facts about India

1. Smallest state (Area) = Goa
2. Smallest state (population) = Sikkim
3. Most literate union Territory = Lakshadweep
4. Smallest Union Territory = Lakshadweep
5. Biggest hotel = Oberoi Sheraton (Mumbai)
6. Highest award (civilian) = Bharat Ratna
7. Highest Gallantry award = Paramvir chakra
8. Most literate state =kerala
9. Fastest Train = Shatabdi express
10. Least populated union Territory = Lakshadweep
11. Most populated city = Mumbai
12. Busiest bridge = Howra (Calcutta)
13. Oldest Refinery = Digboi (Assam)

Information on Solar System

1. The brightest planet as seen from Earth——Venus
2. The planet also known as Earth’s twin——Venus
3. The planet, which rotates in a direction opposite to that of others——Venus
4. The planet, which has prominent rings around it——Saturn
5. Planets which have no satellites—– -Mercury & Venus
6. The planet with the longest day——Venus (244 hrs)
7. The planet with the shortest day——Jupiter (9 hrs 55 mts)
8. The planet also known as Evening/Morning star——Venus
9. The Jovian planets——Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
10. The star nearest to the earth—— Proxima Centauri
11. The hottest planet in the solar system——Venus
12. The largest satellite in the solar system——Ganymede – Satellite of the Jupiter
13. The planet also known as the Red Planet——Mars
14. The highest known mountain in the solar system——Olympus Monson Mars
15. The asteroid belt lies between——Mars and Jupiter
16. The largest asteroid also known as a dwarf planet—– Ceres
17. Pluto earlier considered a planet is now considered a dwarf planet and a part of——Kuiper belt
18. Halley’s comet last appeared in 1986 and is expected to appear next in——2061
19. The galaxy nearest to the milky way——Andromeda
20. The planet whose density is less than that of water—-Saturn

Largest Producers of crops in India

1. The largest producer of paddy in India—-West Bengal
2. The largest producer of wheat in India—Uttar Pradesh
3. The largest producer of sugarcane in India —Uttar Pradesh
4. The largest producer of groundnut in India —Gujarat
5. The largest producer of tea in India—Assam
6. The largest producer of coffee in India—Karnataka
7. The largest producer of jute in India —West Bengal
8. The largest producer of tobacco in India—Andhra Pradesh
9. The largest producer of bananas in India—Tamilnadu
10. The largest producer of saffron in India—Jammu & Kashmir
11. The largest producer of onion in India—Maharashtra
12. The largest producer of black pepper in India—Kerala
13. The largest producer of cotton in India—Gujarat*
14. The largest producer of bamboos in India—Assam

Popular ISO Standards:

ISO 9000: Quality Management
ISO 14000: Environmental Management
ISO 3166: Country Codes
ISO 22000: Food Safety Management
ISO 26000: Social Responsibility
ISO 50001: Energy Management
ISO 31000: Risk Management
ISO 4217: Currency Codes
ISO 639: Language Codes

Fathers of Different Fields

1. Father of Astronomy : Copernicus
2. Economics : Adam Smith
3. Biology : Aristotle
4. Chemistry : Antoine Lavoisier
5. Geometry : Euclid
6. History : Herodotus
7. Genetics : G.J. Mendel
8. Botany : Theophrastus
9. Classical mechanics : Isaac Newton
10. Computer : Charles Babbage
11. Comedy : Aristophanes
12. English poetry : Geoffrey Chaucer
13. Homeopathy : Heinemann
14. Indian Green Revolution :M.S. Swaminathan
15. India’s Communication Revolution : Sam Pitroda
16. Medicine : Hippocrates
17. Modern physics :Galileo Galilei
18. Nuclear physics : Ernest Rutherford
19. Nuclear science : Marie Curie , Pierre Curie
20. Pentium Chip :Vinod Dham
21. Periodic table : Dmitri Mendeleev