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Earth-like exoplanet Kepler 452b discovered

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NASA’s Kepler space telescope has spotted the most Earth-like alien planet yet discovered — a world called Kepler-452b that’s just slightly bigger than our own and orbits a sunlike star at about the same distance Earth circles the sun.


About Kepler-452b:

  • Kepler-452b is the first earth sized planet discovered around 1,400 light years from earth located in the CONSTELLATION CYGNUS..
  • Radius of this planet is around 1.5 times the earth.
  • Kepler-452b is orbiting a star called kepler-452(6 billion year old planet). This planet is 60 percent larger than earth.
  • A year for Kepler-452b is 385 days.This planet is likely to have an atmosphere, lots of clouds and possible active volcanoes.
  • Research shows that the planet of this size have a good chance of being rocky similar to just like earth.
  • Kepler-452b is orbiting a G2-type star,like our Sun.
  • Kepler -452 has same temperature,20 percent brighter and 10 percent larger diameter than Sun.
  • Kepler-452b is referred as “Eart’s bigger,older cousin
  • Kepler-452 system is compared with Kepler-186 system and our own solar system were Kepler-186 is a miniature solar system.