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General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 06/09/2016(All Shifts)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s SSC CGL Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 06/09/2016(All Shifts)

  1. ‘Fat tax’ imposed by which state? – Kerala
  2. Vice chairman of NITI Aayog? – Arvind Panagariya
  3. Deepika Kumari is related to? – Archery
  4. AIDS virus destroy which blood cells? – White blood cells
  5. Radcliffe line is between – India and Pakistan
  6. Amendment of constitution is done in accordance with which article – Article 368
  7. The last king of Tughlak dynasty – Nasiruddin Mahmud
  8. The first governor of free India – C. Rajagopalachari
  9. Which of the following has the least frequency? – Visible rays
  10. Davis cup is related to which sport? – Tennis
  11. Which one of the following books was written by Kautilya – Arthshastra
  12. The UDP protocol is – Connectionless protocol
  13. The Northern coast of the West coast is called – Konkan
  14. Which national park is famous for Rhinos? – Kaziranga
  15. Highest source of energy in India is – Thermal power
  16. If an egg is put in salty water,then what will happen?
  17. Gandhi’s first satyagraha started at – Champaran
  18. Which state has least literacy rate? – Bihar
  19. Shortest day in India – December 21
  20. The word ‘secular’ was added to the constitution by which amendment? – 42nd Amendment
  21. What is magnetic meridian?
  22. Blood Groups discovered by – Karl Landsteiner
  23. Fleming’s left hand rule?
  24. Brihadeeswarar Temple located in – Thanjavur
  25. What is Repo Rate?
  26. Which act declared separate electorates for muslims? – Indian Council Act 1909
  27. The term ‘Roll’ is related to – Hockey
  28. Uber Cup related to – Badminton
  29. Human Development Index is published by – UNDP
  30. The slogan Inkalab- Zindabad is given by – Hasrat Mohani
  31. Who control the Loksabha – Speaker
  32. Busiest port in India – Jawaharlal Nehru Port
  33. NDB HQ – Shanghai
  34. Charles Darwin first book ?- “On the Origin of Species”
  35. Main nutrients of plants? – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium
  36. Fuse wire is made up of ?- copper and lead
  37. The combination of rain and snow is called – sleet
  38. One question from global warming