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General Awareness Questions asked in Railway RRB – 04/04/2016 (Shift – II)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s Railway RRB Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB April 4th 2016 – Shift II

  1. Zika virus is spreaded by? Aedes Mosquito
  2. IPTL stands for? International Premier tennis league
  3. Where is valley international park located? USA
  4. What is reason behind yellow colour of Papaya? Flavonoids
  5. Who is founder of servant of Indian society? Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  6. UPS stands for? Uninterrupted power supply
  7. For which effect Einstien got nobel prize? Law of Photo electric effect
  8. Importance behind gov of India act 1935? Main source of Indian constitution
  9. Main source of Vitamin-A? carrots
  10. Indian institute of vegetable research is at? Varanasi
  11. Valley of flowers in which state? uttarkhand
  12. 11th Pakistan PM? Benezir Bhoto
  13. World bank given money in December? Swacch bharat mission
  14. Shape milky way galaxy? spiral
  15. Gold medal boxer in asia? Marry Kom
  16. Hydrogen has how many no.of electrons and protons and neutrons?
  17. Which country invented pencil? England
  18. Who play role of Sita in older Ramayana serial?
  19. Stand up mission aim? Women and SC/ST empowerment
  20. Bihu, celebrated which where? Assam
  21. Oxygen in photosynthesis is formed from? Water/CO2
  22. Plasi war took place on which river? Bhagirathi river 
  23. 1st U.S president to attend republic day parade in India? Bill Clinton
  24. Einstein got teh Nobel prize for his theory of? Law of photoelectric effect
  25. yellow color of papaya is due to the presence of? Carotene
  26. In the rebellion of 1857, max. number of soldiers were in? Awadh