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Freya Thakral, Delhi School Girl named among 2020’s Diana Award roll of Honours

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Freya Thakral receives Diana Award 2020On 1st July 2020, Freya Thakral, a 13 year old student of the British School New Delhi received the 2020 Diana Award for her Recycler App, which she developed to connect users with waste-handlers as a measure to help the ragpickers of Delhi .The award is presented annually on the birth anniversary of Princess Diana.

Diana Award:

i.The Diana award was established in 1999 in memory of Princess Diana, to recognise the social works and humanitarian efforts of youngsters across the United Kingdom(UK) and around the world.

ii.The award is given on July 1st to commemorate the birth anniversary of Princess Diana and it is supported by Prince Willam and Prince Harry.

iii.The Diana Awards has a 13 member judge panel representing each nation of the UK and 3 panels representing other countries each panel representing an education or youth work professional and a business or government.

Freya Thakral:

i.Freya after speaking with 500000 ragpickers, she developed a mobile application and started a door to door recycling business to support the financial difficulties faced by the ragpickers.

ii.Her recycler App is a web-based mobile application which connects the users with waste handlers.

iii.The service through the app is provided in the south Delhi region with plans to extend to the other parts with an aim to transform the lives of the ragpicker community.

iv.Her actions, contributing towards the sustainable development goals(SDG) of the United Nations(UN) in reducing poverty,building innovation and infrastructure and encouraging responsible consumption and climate action.

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