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Frank Islam conferred with Martin Luther King Award

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Indian American Frank Islam has been conferred with the prestigious Martin Luther King Award. Frank Islam is an eminent entrepreneur, civic leader, and philanthropist. He has been honored for his contribution in international service and civil engagement.

  • Frank Islam went to the United States when he was 15 years old and became a successful entrepreneur with his hard work.
  • Frank was the founder of QSS Group in 1994 and he built it from scratch to more than 2,000 employees and revenues of approximately $300M.
  • He sold his company in 2007 and currently heads the FI Invest Group. He engage himself in various philanthropic activities in India as well as US. He lends his palatial house for fund raising activities – for both political and charitable events.

Knowledge is Wealth

Martin Luther King, Jr was the leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

MLK is famous for his role in the advancement of civil rights using non-violent civil disobedience.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed every year on the third Monday of January. 

MLK received the Nobel Peace Prize on 1964 for combating racial inequality through non-violence.

MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech was a defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement.