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Fossil of 250 million year old reptile species discovered

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A team of scientists has discovered a new fossil reptile that lived 250 million years ago in Brazil. The discovery is important because the reptile lived just after the great Permo-Triassic mass extinction event that occurred 252 million years ago

Fossil of 250 million year old reptile species discovered


  • The species has been named as Teyujagua paradoxa, derived from the language of the Guarani ethnic group and means ‘fierce lizard’
  • The species has been identified from a mostly complete and well-preserved fossil skull.
  • The fossil fuel was discovered by a team from the Federal University of Pampa (Unipampa)


  • Teyujagua anatomy is intermediate between the more primitive reptiles and a diverse and important group called archosauriforms

Features of Teyujagua

  • Teyujagua was a small, quadrupedal animal, and grew up to about 5 metres in length.
  • It’s nostrils were placed on the upper part of the snout, a typical feature of some aquatic or semi-aquatic animals, such as modern day crocodiles
  • Teyujagua likely lived on the margins of lakes and rivers

Points to note

  • Research was published in Journal Scientific Reports
  • Research was done by a team from University of Birmingham
  • Research head- Richard Butler
  • Fossil was excavated from Rio Grande Do sul in Brazil