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Forbes Billionaire list 2015

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The Forbes world Billionaire list is the Annual ranking of world’s Wealthiest people, compiled and published by an American Magazine called Forbes every year in March since 1987. The Microsoft owner, Bill gates is the richest person, a title which he has been holding for 16 of the past 21 years.

In the 29th annual List of global billionaires, a record 1,826 billionaires were named with an aggregated net worth of $7.05 trillion which is $6.4 trillion more than last year.

Below are the Top 20 Wealthiest persons ranked by Forbes 

S.No.NameCountryNet worthAgeSource
1.Bill GatesU.S.$ 79.2 B59Microsoft
2.Carlos Slim HeluMexico$77.1 B75telecom
3.Warren BuffettU.S.$72.7 B84Berkshire Hathaway
4.Amancio OrtegaSpain$64.5 B78Zara
5.Larry EllisonU.S.$ 54.3 B70Orcale
6.Charles KochU.S.$ 42.9 B79Diversified
7.David KochU.S.$ 42.9 B74Diversified
8.Christy WaltonU.S.$41.7 B60Wal-mart
9.Jim WaltonU.S.$40.667Wal-Mart
10.Lilliane BettencourtFrance$ 40.1 B92L’Oreal
11.Alice WaltonU.S.$ 39.4 B65Wal-Mart
12.S.Robson WaltonU.S.$ 39.1 B71Wal-Mart
13.Bernad ArnaultFrance$37.2 B66LVMH
14.Michael BloombergU.S.$ 35.5 B73Bloomberg LP
15.Jeff BezosU.S.$ 34.8
16.Mark ZuckerbergU.S.$ 33.430Facebook
17.Li Ka shingHong Kong$ 33.33 B86Diversified
18.Sheldon AdelsonU.S.$ 31.4 B81Casinos
19.Larry PageU.S.$ 29.741Google
20.Sergey BrinU.S.$ 29.241Google

Some more points to note:

  • Unites States’ Evan Spiegel, co-founder of photo messaging app Snapchat became the youngest billionaire this year at the age of 24. Some more points to note:
  • At age 99, David Rockefeller maintained his position as the oldest billionaire to make the list.
  • Christy Walton was the highest ranking female at number eight.
  • The United States has the largest number of billionaires.
  • Russia was the biggest loser in this year’s list being down to 88 billionaires from 111 of 2014.

Indian Billionaires who were count among the Top 50.

  • Mukesh Ambani was seen at No. 39 at the Net worth of $ 21 B at the age of 57.
  • Dilip Shanghavi was placed at No.44 with the net worth of $ 20 B t the age of 59
  • Azim premji was placed at No. 48 with the net worth of$ 19.1 B at the age of 69.