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English Revision Questions – Set 4

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Read the directions for the questions carefully. Directions(1-7) :There are five options in each question. Each of the options has one word in bold. Mark the options as answer in which the word in bold has been used incorrectly.

  1. 1.Do you prophecy a return to war-time prosperity?
    2.He prophesied that the end of the world would come within two weeks.
    3.He is an expert at prophesying.
    4.They made many dire prophecies, none of which ever came true.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 1
    Explanation :
    Prophecy is a noun and not a verb. Hence, sentence 1 contains inappropriate usage of the word.

  2. 1.A. There is luxuriant vegetation in the tropics.
    2.Her luxuriant black hair is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
    3.He owns a luxurious yacht.
    4.Coral grows luxuriously on that reef.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 4
    Explanation :
    Luxurious – expensive, costly, deluxe. Luxuriant – abundant, profuse, thriving, flourishing, like luxuriant growth of grass.

  3. 1.The blows were given by a person of grisly aspect, with a head almost bald,sunken cheeks, apparently of the feminine gender, though hardly to beclassed in the gentler sex.
    2.Also, when the farther arrived to take him away, the cowmen allowed that they would vastly prefer chumming with howling cannibals, glibbering lunatics,cavorting gorillas, grizzly bears, and man-eating tigers.
    3.Then he would talk to Philip of the university, quarrels between rival corps,the duels, and the merits of this and that professor.
    4.The corps was covered with a white sheet, but before pulling the cloth back, the attendant again looked at Cynthia, who nodded.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 4
    Explanation :
    Corpse – a dead body, especially of a human being. Corps – a branch of an army assigned to a particular kind of work, for ex- the 5th Army Corps or the Royal Army Medical Corps.

  4. 1.I, too, have been foully calumniated by our ancient enemy, the infamous falsehood, and I wish to point out that I am made of the fur of the Mustela Maculata, which is dirty from birth.
    2.Her neglect of her husband, her encouragement of other men, herextravagance and dissipation, were so gross and notorious that no one could be ignorant of them at the time, nor can now have forgotten them.
    3.Is it not better to fall into the hands of a murderer, than into the dreams of alustful woman?
    4.Instead of representing them as a community of lusty savages, he enters into a very circumstantial and learned narrative of certain unaccountable superstitions and practices.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 5.All correct

  5. 1.Jennings had been eager to see Colonel Brandon well married, ever since her connection with Sir John first brought him to her knowledge.
    2.With him went the horse-driving Boeotians, breathing above their shields, and the Locrians who fight hand to hand, and the gallant Phocians anxious for war and battle.
    3.His enticing suggestions I used to rebel modestly by the assurance but it wasextremely unlikely, as I had not enough experience.
    4.Still, however, he spoke kindly to the lady, and then hastened forth to till hiscornfield and set out fruit-trees, or to bargain with the Indians for furs, or perchance to oversee the building of a fort.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 3
    Explanation :
    The usage of the word’rebel’ makes the sentence inconsistent and unclear. Rebel and modestly do not collocate. Rebel is full-fledged opposition, it can’t be modest.

  6. 1.Frederica must be as much as sixteen, and ought to know better; but from what her mother insinuates, I am afraid she is a perverse girl.
    2.His attention having been drawn to questions of authenticity, he devoted himself to tracing the spurious documents that encumbered and perverted Merovingian and Carolingian history.
    3.A heavy operator overtaken by a reverse of fortune was bewailing his sudden fall from effluence to indigence.
    4.The many decorations in the house was a sign of their growing affluence.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 3
    Explanation :
    3 is incorrect because ‘effluence’ has been used incorrectly with ‘indigence’. Indigence – a state of extreme poverty. Effluent – a substance that flows out of something. The correct word here is ‘Affluence’ – having great deal of money.

  7. 1.He would find a bar where gangs hung out and purposefully pick a fight with the biggest, most obnoxious member.
    2.He slammed the door and strode purposefully around to the other side, jerking the driver’s side door open.
    3.All was still; and instead of surrendering to the reasonable exigencies of life he stepped out, with a rebelling heart, into the darkness of the house.
    4.He allied himself with his brother Richard and with William Pitt in forcing their feeble chief to give them promotion by rebelling against his authority and obstructing business.
    5.All correct
    Answer – 1
    Explanation :
    It should be ‘purposely’ – on purpose, intentionally. Purposefully – in a way that shows determination or resolve or with a useful purpose.

Directions(8-10): Mark the wrongly spelt word mentioned among the following options:

  1. 1.Contemporaneous
    5.All correct
    Answer – 4.Recalcitrent
    Explanation : Recalcitrant

  2. 1.Opprobrium
    5.All correct
    Answer – 3.Vicisitude
    Explanation :Vicissitude

  3. 1.Exonerate
    5.All Correct
    Answer – 3.Flatulant
    Explanation :Flatulent

Note from English Instructor – Robin Saini

First of all, do not leave the quiz by thinking that you will not clear SBI pre and hence you need not prepare such quizzes. Rather consider the quiz just as a test of your English prowess. For those who are sure of clearing SBI Pre and those who think they have 50-50 chance, I request you to start preparation from today onwards. Even if the result of SBI Pre is negative, you won’t lose anything by attempting such quizzes and preparing for English.

The point I am trying to emphasize is that do not wait for the result. Also, make a habit of writing descriptive on daily basis, atleast one essay. You can mail me the essay at [email protected], and I can help you with the necessary modifications.

The quiz has been devised considering the new type of questions that came in SBI Mains last year. The quiz is extremely tough and was not devised for demotivating you, so do not worry about score. I just want you to be prepared for any and all type of surprises in the exam. For resolution of query you may write it in the Comments section