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English Questions: Vocabulary set-7

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are providing you some words that help you in your all competitive exams !!!


1. Ailment 

Meaning – a condition that affects a person’s mental or physical wellbeing. (रोग)

Usage – Fever and nausea are two symptoms that frequently accompany the ailment.

2. Conflagration 

Meaning – conflict or war (आग)

Usage – How many military troops are currently involved in the conflagration in Afghanistan?

3. Conformist

Meaning – an individual who follows accepted practices ( अनुसारक)

Usage – As a religious conformist, Jason does whatever his minister tells him to do.

4. Mockery

Meaning – ridicule that is directed at a person, group, or thing ( उपहास )

Usage – The judge’s fake praise was nothing more than a mockery of my performance.

5. Puissant

Meaning – having a large amount of authority or power

Usage – Because the dictator was puissant, he could do anything he wanted without seeking permission.

6. Purloin

Meaning – to take another’s belongings without permission ( उठा लेना )

Usage – During the raid, a crooked police officer was caught trying to purloin drug money.

7. Sordid

Meaning – very bad or dirty ( गन्दा )

Usage – The movie described the sordid history of the mafia since 1950.

8. Reprehensible

Meaning – highly unacceptable action; deserving severe disapproval or criticism ( दोषारोपण करने योग्य )

Usage – Your conduct is reprehensible and will not be tolerated!

9. Spasmodic

Meaning – occurring in an erratic manner ( अनियमित )

Usage – Hopefully the medicine will control the number of spasmodic outbursts Henry has in class.

10. Viable

Meaning – having the possibility of being achieved or developed ( जीवनक्षम )

Usage – Without a viable strategy, the rebels will not be able to remove the dictator from power.