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English Questions: Vocabulary set-1

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are providing you some words that help you in your all competitive exams !!!


  1. ABSTRUSE (Adj)
    Hard to understand
    Ex-Physics is a subject that is too abstruse for most people.
    In hindi-कठिन, जटिल
    synonyms-obscure,complex,enigmatic etc.
    A Magical-seeming ability to attract followers or inspire loyalty.
    in hindi-प्रतिभा ,जलवा
    Ex- the politician earn lot of female votes because of her wining smile and charisma.
    synonyms-charm, attractiveness, magnetism.
    Making peace; attempting to resolve a dispute through goodwill.
    in hindi- समझौताकारी
    Ex- the formerly warring countries were conciliatory at the treaty conference.
    Synonyms-mollifying, pacifying.
    Extremely depressed.
    in hindi- हतास, आशाहीन
    Ex- after the death of his wife, the man was despondent for many months.
    synonyms- discourage, disconsolate, wretched.
    Brilliant, giving off heat or light.
    in hindi- जोशीला, चमकीला
    Ex- indeed, she seems almost incandescent with ideas.
    synonyms-blazing, Ardent.
    not harmonious, not consistent .
    in hindi- बोतुका, बोमैल
    Ex- The outfit is incongruous but functional, and that’s what matters to Bojana Novakovic.
    synonyms-contrasting, discordant.
    secret, sneaky, concealed and, usually , up to no good.
    in hindi- अवैध, गैरकानूनी
    ex- The child ate the stolen cookies clandestinely, when no one was watching.
    synonyms- furtive, backstairs.
  8. PEJORATIVE (adj)
    Negative, disparaging.
    in hindi- अपमानजनक
    Ex- “Hi, stupid” is a pejorative greeting.
    synonyms- deprecatory, libelous.
    upheaval, natural change, change in fortune.
    in hindi- घुमाव, फेर
    Ex- Loses everything was shown in every kind of vicissitude
    synonyms- vacillation, fickleness.
  10. UNCTUOUS (Adj)
    both literally and figuratively; insincere
    in hindi- खुशामदी, जोशीला
    Ex- This is well spiced and slightly sweet, with an unctuous texture from coconut milk.
    synonyms-obsequious, effusive.