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English Questions: Synonyms Set-10

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are creating question sample in Synonyms, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/SSC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!!

  1. Condescend
    A. Blame
    B. Trick
    C. act superior
    D. go lower
    C. act superior

  2. Censure
    A. Strike
    B. Criticize
    C. Write
    D. Believe
    B. Criticize
    express severe disapproval of (someone or something), especially in a formal statement.

  3. Decent
    A. Wild
    B. Satisfactory
    C. Terrible
    D. Deep
    B. Satisfactory

  4. Exemplary
    A. Great
    B. Alive
    C. Outstanding
    D. Precious
    C. Outstanding
    serving as a desirable model; very good.

  5. Persist
    A. Carry on
    B. rely on
    C. arouse
    D. around
    A. Carry on

  6. Momentum
    A. strict
    B. Force
    C. statue
    D. short time
    B. Force
    the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.

  7. Anachronistic
    A. forceful
    B. eternal
    C. dangerous
    D. powerful
    B. eternal

  8. lionize
    A. Notorious
    B. Amusing
    C. exalt
    D. Clever
    C. exalt
    give a lot of public attention and approval to (someone); treat as a celebrity.

  9. Provoke
    A. agree
    B. compare
    C. Make angry
    D. vote for
    C. Make angry

  10. Conception
    A. emotion
    B. Idea
    C. death
    D. demonstration
    B. Idea