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India falls to 155th place in UN’s broadband penetration ranking

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Centre is pushing the Digital India campaign and talking about broadband for all but country’s Internet growth is lagging that of most other countries.

  • The UN Broadband Commission released “The State of Broadband” report just ahead of the Sustainable Development Goals Summit at UN headquarters in New York on September 26.


  • India’s broadband penetration ranking has fallen to 155th from 113th rank
  • India ranked 131 out of 189 countries on fixed-broadband subscriptions dropped from the 125th rank.
  • India ranked 80 among 133 developing countries on percentage of households with internet in with a 3% penetration as compared to the 75th rank and 13% penetration previously.

In total, there are now 79 countries where over 50% of the population is online, up from 77 in 2014. Top 10 countries for household Internet penetration are all located in Asia or the Middle East.

  • The Republic of Korea has the world’s highest household broadband penetration with 98.5% of homes connected.
  • Qatar ranked 2nd with 98%
  • Saudi Arabia ranked 3rd with 94%

The report said 3.2 billion people are now connected up from 2.9 billion last year and equating to 43% of the global population.

  • Access to the internet is approaching saturation levels in the developed countries.
  • Net is only accessible to 35% of people in developing countries.
  • The situation in the UN-designated Least Developed Countries is critical with over 90% of people without any kind of Internet connectivity.