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English Questions: Synonyms Set 85

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Synonyms, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

1. Nugatory – हेच

Meaning – of no value or importance.

Usage – The security alarm was nugatory after the burglar cut the wires.

Synonyms – worthless, of no value, of no importance, unimportant, inconsequential, of no consequence, valueless, trifling, trivial, insignificant, meaningless

2. Savvy – सामान्य बुद्धि

Meaning – shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgements.

Usage – He is known for his political savvy and strong management skills.

Synonyms – shrewdness, astuteness, sharp-wittedness, sharpness, acuteness, acumen, acuity, intelligence, wit, canniness, common sense, discernment, insight, understanding, penetration, perception

3. Vivacious – गरमागरम

Meaning – attractively lively and animated.

Usage – He had three pretty, vivacious daughters.

Synonyms – lively, animated, full of life, spirited, high-spirited, effervescent, bubbling, bubbly, ebullient, buoyant, sparkling, scintillating, light-hearted, carefree, happy-go-lucky, jaunty, merry, happy, jolly

4. Sardonic – तिरस्कारपूर्ण

Meaning – grimly mocking or cynical.

Usage – He was full of sardonic humour

Synonyms – sarcastic, cynical, derisive, mocking, jeering, caustic, disdainful, contemptuous, scornful, taunting

5. Cantankerous – झगड़ालू

Meaning – bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative.

Usage – You grow old if you are irritable, crotchety, petulant, and cantankerous.

Synonyms – irascible, irritable, grumpy, grouchy, crotchety, tetchy, testy, crusty, curmudgeonly, ill-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, peevish

6. Charlatan – मायावी

Meaning – a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.

Usage – The charlatan boasted that he could charm off any disease.

Synonyms – quack, mountebank, sham, fraud, fake, humbug, impostor, pretender, masquerader, hoodwinker, hoaxer, cheat, deceiver

7. Diabolic – पैशाचिक

Meaning – characteristic of the Devil, or so evil as to be suggestive of the Devil.

Usage – What kind of diabolical mind would devise such a diabolic scheme?

Synonyms – devilish,evil,wicked

8. Bawdy – गंदा

Meaning – dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent.

Usage – After a few drinks, they were all singing bawdy songs at the top of their voices.

Synonyms – ribald, indecent, risqué, racy, rude, spicy, suggestive, titillating, naughty, improper

9. Chicanery – झूठा इलज़ाम

Meaning – the use of deception or subterfuge to achieve one’s purpose.

Usage – The investigation revealed political chicanery and corruption at the highest levels.

Synonyms – trickery, deception, deceit, deceitfulness, duplicity, dishonesty, unscrupulousness, underhandedness, subterfuge, fraud

10. Nonchalant – बेपरवाह

Meaning – (of a person or manner) feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.

Usage – She defeated all her rivals for the job with nonchalant ease.

Synonyms – calm, cool, unconcerned, collected, cool, calm, and collected, cool as a cucumber, composed, airy