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English Questions for IBPS/RRB Exam Set – 12

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in cloze test in the Blanks, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI,RRB,LIC,SSC CGL,LDC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Hopes that the increases in crude production by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would keep international prices at the..(1)..level and save the Government of India from having to..(2)..domestic prices of petroleum products are turning out to be a..(3)..(4)..increases in the prices of crude oil continue to hit countries like India with the severity of..(5)..inflation from which there has been no respite.
The diverse parties which now constitute the ruling NDA at the Centre and which were not long ago..(6) their attacks on the previous government whenever it had to raise petroleum prices should now find it..(7)..that they are in the same (8)..With the oil pool deficit having gone up to Rs. 9,000 crores, there is no escape from hiking the prices and the most that could be done to soften the blow to the people is to..(9)..the increases to petrol, diesel oil and cooking gas. The burden would be much higher but for the fact that diesel, cooking gas and kerosene are subsidised. The inflationary..(10)..resulting from the increases in the cost of transportation of essential commodities whether by road or rail are bound to have an impact on the overall price level.

  1. a) subsistence
    b) existing
    c) actual
    d) authentic
    e) positive
    b) existing

  2. a) raise
    b) elevate
    c) incite
    d) tackle
    e) support
    a) raise

  3. a) lure
    b) dream
    c) mirage
    d) fantasy
    e) nightmare
    c) mirage

  4. a) Resuming
    b) Habitual
    c) Echo
    d) Recurring
    e) Afresh
    d) Recurring

  5. a) spiraling
    b) decreasing
    c) increasing
    d) winding
    e) twisting
    a) spiraling

  6. a) acute
    b) vociferous
    c) clamorous
    d) sonorous
    e) thunderous
    b) vociferous

  7. a) figuratively
    b) imagery
    c) ironical
    d) allusive
    e) typical
    c) ironical

  8. a) provision
    b) incident
    c) predicament
    d) juncture
    e) situation
    c) predicament

  9. a) block
    b) prevent
    c) isolate
    d) protect
    e) restrict
    e) restrict

  10. a) values
    b) series
    c) remarks
    d) keynotes
    e) consequences
    e) consequences