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English Questions – Vocabulary For IBPS PO – Set 161

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Perplex – हक्का-बक्का करना

Meaning – make (someone) feel completely baffled.

Synonyms – puzzle, baffle, mystify, bemuse, bewilder, confound, confuse, nonplus, disconcert, dumbfound, throw, throw/catch someone off balance, get, exercise, worry, befuddle, fuddle, addle, fog; informalflummox, be all Greek to, discombobulate, stump, bamboozle, floor, beat, faze, make someone scratch their head, fox; archaicwilder, distract, gravel, maze, pose.

Usage – she was perplexed by her husband’s moodiness.

2. Treasure – खजाना

Meaning – a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects.

Synonyms – riches, valuables, jewels, gems, gold, silver, precious metals, money, cash; wealth, fortune; treasure trove.

Usage – the ransom was to be paid in diamonds and treasure.

3. Coherent – सुसंगत

Meaning – (of an argument, theory, or policy) logical and consistent.

Synonyms – logical, reasoned, reasonable, well reasoned, rational, sound, cogent; consistent, well organized, systematic, orderly, methodical; clear, lucid, articulate, relevant, intelligible, comprehensible; informaljoined-up.

Usage – they failed to develop a coherent economic strategy.

4. Solitary – अकेला

Meaning – done or existing alone.

Synonyms – lonely, companionless, unaccompanied, by oneself/itself, on one’s/its own, (all) alone, friendless; antisocial, unsociable, withdrawn, reclusive, cloistered, introverted, hermitic; lonesome.

Usage – I live a pretty solitary life.

5. Enviable – गहरी

Meaning – arousing or likely to arouse envy.

Synonyms – desirable, attractive, sought-after, desired, admirable, fortunate, lucky, favoured, blessed, worth having, excellent; covetable, exciting envy, tempting.

Usage – this hotel has an enviable position on the main square.

6. Vague – अस्पष्ट

Meaning – of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning.

Synonyms – indistinct, indefinite, indeterminate, unclear; hazy, cloudy, fuzzy, misty, lacking definition, blurred, blurry, out of focus, murky, foggy, faint, shadowy, dim, obscure, nebulous, shapeless, formless, unformed, amorphous.

Usage – they could just make out the vague shape of a ship in the mist.

7. Concise – संक्षिप्त

Meaning – giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.

Synonyms – succinct, short, brief, to the point, pithy, incisive, short and sweet, crisp; abridged, condensed, compressed, abbreviated, compact, compendious, potted, thumbnail, in a nutshell; epigrammatic, aphoristic; terse, laconic, sparing; informalsnappy; rarelapidary

Usage – a concise account.

8. Percussion – टक्कर

Meaning – the striking of one solid object with or against another with some degree of force.

Synonyms – crash, bang, smash, clash, bump, thump, thwack, whack; impact, collision, striking, beating, shock, knock.

Usage – the clattering percussion of objects striking the walls and the shutters.

9. Condiment – मसाला

Meaning – a substance such as salt, mustard, or pickle that is used to add flavour to food.

10. Coquette – नखरा दिखाना

Meaning – a flirtatious woman.

Usage – her transformation from an ice maiden warrior into a winsome coquette.