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English Questions: Synonyms Set- 33

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are creating question sample in Synonyms, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/SSC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!!


  1. Delirious is most similar to
    A. manic
    B. calm
    C. tasty
    D. suspicious
    A. delirious means marked by frenzied excitement, or manic

  2. Lure is most similar to
    A. tickle
    B. decoy
    C. resist
    D. suspect
    B. a lure is used to attract animals into a trap, like a decoy

  3. Infirm is most similar to
    A. hospital
    B. weak
    C. short
    D. fortitude
    B. infirm means feeble from age, or weak

  4. Isolation is most similar to
    A. fear
    B. plentitude
    C. solitude
    D. disease
    C. isolation means the state of being alone or withdrawn, or solitude

  5. Lull is most similar to
    A. pause
    B. noise
    C. boring
    D. mark
    A. a lull is a temporary pause

  6. Mutiny is most similar to
    A. rebellion
    B. currency
    C. sailor
    D. hassle
    A. mutiny means resistance to lawful authority, or rebellion

  7. Outfit is most similar to
    A. indoors
    B. strong
    C. special
    D. furnish
    D. to outfit means to supply or to furnish

  8. Naive is most similar to
    A. rural
    B. secular
    C. unsophisticated
    D. sultry
    C. naive means unaffectedly simple, or unsophisticated

  9. Solemnity is most similar to
    A. lightheartedness
    B. gravity
    C. diligence
    D. sleepiness
    B. solemnity means formal or ceremonious observance, or seriousness; gravity means dignity of bearing, or seriousness

  10. Omit is most similar to
    A. recluse
    B. neglect
    C. mistake
    D. destroy
    B. to omit means to leave out, to fail to perform, or to neglect