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English Questions: Synonyms Set- 30

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are creating question sample in Synonyms, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/SSC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!!


  1. stigma most nearly means
    A. stain
    B. trial
    C. difficulty
    D. holiness
    A. stain
    a. stigma means a mark of shame or discredit, or a stain

  2. reside most nearly means
    A. remain
    B. home
    C. dwell
    D. sediment
    C. dwell
    to reside means to occupy a place as one’s home, or to dwell

  3. covetous most nearly means
    A. quiet
    B. sneaky
    C. lurking
    D. greedy
    D. greedy
    covetous means having an inordinate desire for wealth, or greedy

  4. abide most nearly means
    A. endure
    B. hate
    C. attendance
    D. live
    A. endure
    to abide means to endure without yielding, or to withstand

  5. shrewd most nearly means
    A. intractable
    B. mean
    C. astute
    D. intelligent
    C. astute
    shrewd means marked by clever awareness, or astute

  6. fetter most nearly means
    A. rancid
    B. praise
    C. hamper
    D. persist
    C. hamper
    to fetter means to hamper, or to restrain

  7. flagrant most nearly means
    A. vibrant
    B. glaring
    C. vicious
    D. pleasant
    B. glaring
    flagrant means obviously wrong or immoral; glaring means painfully obvious

  8. mitigate most nearly means
    A. relieve
    B. blend
    C. defend
    D. confuse
    A. relieve
    mitigate means to make less severe or painful, or to relieve

  9. rail most nearly means
    A. scold
    B. push
    C. try
    D. punish
    A. scold
    to rail means to scold in harsh, abusive language

  10. meld most nearly means
    A. character
    B. distinction
    C. blend
    D. firmness
    C. blend
    to meld means to merge or to blend