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English Questions – Spotting Error Set 102

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Spotting Errors, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

Directions: In the questions below, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark that as your answer. If a sentence is free from error, choose the “No Error” option.

  1. 1.A feasibility survey has now
    2.been completed in India to establish
    3.a network of felicitate contacts
    4.between small and medium enterprises.
    5.No error
    Answer – 3.a network of felicitate contacts
    Explanation :
    The correct usage would be, ‘a network to facilitate contacts’.

  2. 1.Privatization generally represents ideological response the perceived problems the public sector.
    5.No error
    Answer – 5.No error

  3. 1.The Indian government’s choice
    2.of the EEC as a partner
    3.stem from the fact that the community the most important market for India.
    5.No error
    Answer – 3.stem from the fact that the community
    Explanation :
    ‘The Indian Government’s choice’ is a singular noun and should have a singular verb ‘stems’. Stem (verb) – originate or be caused by

  4. 1.A person who earns a
    2.few thousand rupees
    3.and decides to save
    4.most of it must be a miser.
    5.No error
    Answer – 5.No error

  5. 1.Had you been in my
    2.position, you were definitely
    3.shown your displeasure the turn of events.
    5.No error
    Answer: 2
    Answer – 2.position, you were definitely
    Explanation :
    This is a case of Conditional Sentence. The first part uses Past Perfect Tense – ‘Had you been’; so the other clause must be ‘you would have’. Hence the error is in 2.

  6. 1.have been postponing calling
    2.on my friend in the hospital,
    3.but I am planning
    4.I would go there tomorrow.
    5.No error
    Answer – 4.I would go there tomorrow.
    Explanation :
    The correct usage is ‘planning to go there’

  7. 1.This has slowed the progress
    2.of reforms in many countries
    3.because the choice of either of the extreme
    4.positions inevitably invite criticism.
    5.No error
    Answer – 4.positions inevitably invite criticism.
    Explanation :
    The noun ‘choice’ is singular and should be followedby a singular verb ‘invites’.

  8. 1.Allan Border was a great batsman who
    2.having scored more than 10000
    3.runs in career, he then decided call it a day.
    5.No error
    Answer – 3.runs in career, he then decided
    Explanation :
    Use of ‘he’ is redundant here. We already have a subject ‘who’ for the verb ‘decided’,so ‘he then’ is wrongly used here.The sentence should be ‘……….10000 runs in career, decided to call it a day’.
    Call it a day – decide or agree to stop doing something

  9. 1.In the history of mankind has always been
    3.minority which have been to change the world.
    5.No error
    Answer – 3.minority which have been
    Explanation :
    Here minorities are being treated as a specific groupand should therefore be preceded by article ‘the’.

  10. 1.Management education is
    2.becoming highly sought after aspiring ambitious students
    4.because of high demand in the job market.
    5.No error
    Answer – aspiring ambitious students
    Explanation :
    ‘Aspiring’ cannot be used as an adjective for studentshere, as those who are studying management arealready students.