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English Questions: Sentence Fillers Set – 16

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in sentence fillers, which is BASED ON SBI PO/IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams !!!

  1. It is one’s ___________ gratitude for all of life’s blessings and contentment with one’s lot with no ___________ of greed or covetousness.
    1) capricious, conspicuous
    2) freakish, visible
    3) occasional, subtle
    4) personal, discernible
    5) profound, vestige
    Answer : 5)
    profound – (of a state, quality, or emotion) very great or intense.
    Vestige – a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.

  2. Spirituality is a ___________ state of peaceful bliss, not due to external ___________ but due to a strong inner connect with one’s own Divine core.
    1) private, distinct
    2) perpetual, stimuli
    3) unshared, explicit
    4) loosen, , concealed
    5) ruthless, disguised
    Answer : 2)
    perpetual – never ending or changing.
    stimuli – a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue.

  3. It is being equipped with the ___________ wisdom to acknowledge the ___________ of the intransitory aspects of life over what is transitory.
    1) primordial, sublimity
    2) relentless, exposed
    3) release, glaring
    4) unbind, indisputable
    5) cease, groveling
    Answer : 1)
    primordial – existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.
    sublimity – of very great excellence or beauty.

  4. Spirituality is also about ___________ life in an ___________, magnanimous and righteous manner.
    1) untie, observable
    2) remorseless, undeniable
    3) pestilential, transparent
    4) traversing, altruistic
    5) delay, prominent
    Answer : 4)
    traversing – travel across or through.
    altruistic – showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

  5. It is remaining detached in the midst of worldly attachments, performing one’s duties ___________ without giving in to one’s egocentric ___________.
    1) lethal, monstrous
    2) hinder, lucid
    3) pestilent, manifest
    4) noxious, palpable
    5) meticulously, disposition
    Answer : 5)
    meticulously – in a way that shows great attention to detail; very thoroughly.
    disposition – a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character.

  6. Spirituality is being aware and ___________ of the eternal and ___________ laws of life, thereby making life and its functioning lucid.
    1) chaotic, perceivable
    2) blotchy, patent
    3) appreciative, infallible
    4) grievous, precise
    5) malignant, pronounced
    Answer : 3)
    appreciative – feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure.
    infallible – incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

  7. The wisdom and virtuous ___________ of a spiritual individual does not remain encaged as mere theoretical knowledge but spills forth in all its ___________ in his day-to-day conduct and behaviour.
    1) disposition, resplendence
    2) grim, homeliness
    3) unrelenting, hideousness
    4) poisonous, disfigurement
    5) disheveled, perplex
    Answer : 1)
    disposition – a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character.
    resplendence – is a quality of almost unbelievably majestic beauty.

  8. Armed with the Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2017 and ___________ authorisation by the government, RBI has issued definitive directions to banks for time-bound resolution of stressed assets including through the ___________ and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), 2016.
    1) disordered , monstrousness
    2) disorganized, offensiveness
    3) merciless, disturb
    4) intense, discommode
    5) subsequent, Insolvency
    Answer : 5)
    subsequent – coming after something in time; following.
    Insolvency – the state of being insolvent.

  9. This has filled an important gap in the ___________ armoury of RBI, bringing focussed and time bound punitive action once a regulatory ___________ is identified.
    1) grimy, plainness
    2) grave, displace
    3) fatal, distract
    4) extreme, repulsiveness
    5) deterrence, violation
    Answer : 5)
    deterrence – the action of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.
    violation – the action of violating someone or something.

  10. Contrary to popular belief, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had ___________ to the July 1969 nationalisation not as an instrument necessary to achieve social goals but as a weapon to sack her political ___________, then finance minister Morarji Desai.
    1) grubby, perceptible
    2) littered, madden
    3) ending, frenzy
    4) resorted, rival
    5) dried, disarrange
    Answer : 4)
    resorted – turn to and adopt (a course of action, especially an extreme or undesirable one) so as to resolve a difficult situation.
    rival – a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity.