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English Questions: Sentence Fillers Set – 15

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in sentence fillers, which is BASED ON SBI PO/IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams !!!

  1. The situation in higher education is further exacerbated with systemic ___________; a large ___________ of sanctioned teaching posts in central universities often lie vacant.
    1) prowl, origin
    2) sally, source
    3) misinformed, indiscretion
    4) inadequacies, proportion
    5) failing, thoughtlessnes
    Answer : 4)
    inadequacies – the state or quality of being inadequate; lack of the quantity or quality required.
    Proportion – a part, share, or number considered in comparative relation to a whole.

  2. Far from taking India forward on the path to progress; our politicians cutting across states and party lines are keeping it ___________ and ___________, and in several cases, pushing it backward still.
    1) moronic, dragging
    2) shackled, stagnant
    3) hiked , crawling
    4) safari, groveling
    5) jogged, hobbling
    Answer : 2)
    shackled – chain with shackles.
    Stagnant – (of a body of water or the atmosphere of a confined space) having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence.

  3. Abundance of this ___________ power allows politicians across administrative levels to subvert the rule of law and ___________ a rule of will; undermining the very foundations of a republic.
    1) fallibility, inching,
    2) march, quailing
    3) naive, shambling
    4) foible, skulking
    5) discretionary, impose
    Answer : 5)
    discretionary – available for use at the discretion of the user.
    Impose – force (an unwelcome decision or ruling) on someone.

  4. One way to break out of this ___________, as some of our finest professionals have shown us, is to migrate to another country where governments and politicians are more ___________ towards their citizens.
    1) nescient, shuffling
    2) predicament, considerate
    3) oblivious, slinking
    4) frailty, slithering
    5) gremlin, sneaking
    Answer : 2)
    predicament – a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation.
    Considerate – careful not to inconvenience or harm others.

  5. The success of GST Council has showed us that there’s a possibility of creating similar pan-India forums for developing and ___________ different policy ___________, among them tourism.
    1) obsessing , squirming
    2) swallowing , worming
    3) ticking , wriggling
    4) glitch, writhing
    5) implementing, verticals
    Answer : 5)
    implementing – put (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect.
    Verticals – .a vertical line or plane.

  6. To iron out such negative ___________ of tourism, the National Tourism Bill provides for several ___________ which are aimed at reducing the negative impact because of tourism.
    1) unconscious, prostrate
    2) uncultivated, procumbent
    3) repercussions, provisions
    4) inadequacy, decumbent
    5) incompleteness, recumbent
    Answer : 3)
    repercussions – an unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one.
    Provisions – the action of providing or supplying something for use.

  7. It was a must-go school for the___________ mind; it was an opportunity for the ___________ class; and it was a heaven for many others.
    1) infirmity, certain
    2) insatiable, mercantile
    3) peccadillo, categorical
    4) taint, accurate
    5) curable, absolute
    Answer : 2)
    insatiable – (of an appetite or desire) impossible to satisfy.
    Mercantile – relating to trade or commerce; commercial.

  8. It ___________ one to forge one’s own path and follow one’s own light with ___________ faith and with the realisation that the Divine Light is with him, in him.
    1) entails, implicit
    2) eradicable, obvious
    3) intermittent, definitive
    4) occasional, distinct
    5) temporary, lucid
    Answer : 1)
    entails – involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence.
    Implicit – suggested though not directly expressed.

  9. Another prevailing ___________ regarding spirituality is, that it mandates rigorous, self-abstinent ascetic measures and even abdication of the world, thereby making it ___________, formidable and almost inaccessible.
    1) ambiguity, enigmatic
    2) unpredictable, perspicuous
    3) capricious, precise
    4) freakish, straight
    5) individual, accessible
    Answer : 1)
    ambiguity – the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness.
    Enigmatic – difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

  10. ___________ a spiritual level is taking a compassionate cognisance of God-created life that is ___________ all around us.
    1) terminal, plain
    2) occasional, barefaced
    3) episodic, evident
    4) Attaining, pulsating
    5) severe, conclusive
    Answer : 4)
    Attaining – succeed in achieving (something that one has worked for).
    Pulsating – expand and contract with strong regular movements.