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English Questions: Sentence Fillers Set – 1

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in sentence fillers, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams !!!

  1. Under liberalisation, employment opportunities have expanded into the private sector, almost unthinkable hitherto. Employers such as ITC, Lemon Tree Hotels, Mphasis, Wipro, and so many others_________________, rather than the impairments, of our manpower.
    1) have seen the restrctions and obsacles
    2) overlook the direct benefits flowing from the adoption of an open economy in these respects
    3) are also the equality and diversity norms that the corporate sector is beginning to incorporate
    4) have seen the economic wisdom behind playing on the strengths
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4)

  2. In the arena of state employment, the more industrious and enterprising among the disabled have,_________________opportunities provisions in the 1995 law, entered the corridors of the administrative services.
    1) The census and other data discussed above in fact capture this dismal real
    2) with disabilities who have brought laurels to the country
    3) aided by the Supreme Court’s proactive interpretations of the equal
    4) greater visibility for disability-related concerns in our media is also part of this broad picture of inclusion
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3)

  3. Twenty years on, the West Indies cricketers are in such a fast and scary free-fall that some of us might think that they would dig their own craters so deep that they might___________________.
    1) obvious that the bitter squabble between the players and the West Indies
    2) it is blindingly Cricket Board has thrown up a Gordian Knot
    3) need to be exhumed to make way for formal funerals
    4) the organisers of the four-Test series against India might have already sounded out
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3)

  4. However, there is an opposing group of public intellectuals that considers social justice to be of paramount importance in India. To these people, the tiger remains an animal that is so much in one’s face that___________________.
    1) it blocks out the view of the forest
    2) recounting several instances of injustice where tribals have been forced out of forests
    3) tiger conservation has come at a terrible human cost, they are prone to exclaim
    4) forests are as much cultural and social places as they are a habitat for wildlife
    5) None of these
    Answer – 1)

  5. Any serious evaluation of what people with disabilities have gained in these past 25 years would probably have to begin with showcasing the political will India’s leadership__________________an independent and impartial assessment.
    1) norms that the corporate sector is beginning to incorporate in its hiring practices
    2) shows that 54.5 per cent of people with disabilities in India are literate
    3) displayed to generate the very tools to arrive at such
    4) whereas other estimates put the figure at about thrice that number
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3)

  6. Any assessment of the economic reforms of the past 25 years could well do with some understanding of their impact on people with disabilities in India. Indeed,_______________________impairments in economically productive activity, the influence of these s.
    1) a large section of our population have been initiated in the post-privatisation
    2) in view of the negligible levels of participation of people with various
    3) weeping policy changes would seem at best minimal
    4) the staunchest critic of liberalisation would have to acknowledge that the greatest
    5) None of these
    Answer – 2)

  7. If the WICB gets a million dollars, the players want 90 per cent of it,” says a former Indian cricket player. To honour an agreement — following the botched tour of India in 2014____________________the West Indies to compensate for the anticipated loss of over $42m by playing T20s in the United States.
    1) anticipated loss of over $42m by playing T20s in the United States
    2) Do the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have a problem playing at home
    3) they are welcome to Mumbai and we can promise them that they would
    4) the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) wants
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4)

  8. The great game playing out in the forests of our country continues. A few days ago, the Rajya Sabha passed the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill,________________States’ forest departments.
    1) because it bypasses democratic institutions like the gram sabha
    2) or simply callousness, depending on one’s point of view, the Bill passed
    3) thereby paving the way for disbursement of funds from to individual
    4) decision the National Democratic Alliance government took to canvass disabilities in the 2001 decennial
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3)

  9. In the last two decades or so, elected governments in India have sanctioned the cutting down of forests to build highways, flattened forests for coal and other minerals, and drowned out forests for dams, __________________alike.
    1) with a deft swirl of the baton, has ensured that crony capitalists are not to be bothered
    2) set on accelerating swiftly towards the edge of ecological destruction
    3) to assure legal rights to bona fide forest dwellers through the passing of the Forest Rights Act (FRA).
    4) significantly devastating wildlife and forest dwellers
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4)

  10. Of the literate among the disabled, only 8.5 per cent boast a graduate degree, as per the 2011 census. _________________for children with disabilities; just 1.32 per cent of teachers have been equipped with the relevant special skills training.
    1) they were notably few and far between, informed largely by an ad hoc approach
    2) we consider that the 1981 census was the lone exception to the otherwise routine
    3) to 26.8 million people with disabilities
    4) A mere 21.1 per cent of Indian schools adhere to inclusive education
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4)