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English Questions : Sentence Correction Set 102 (Phrase Replacement)

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in sentence correction (Phrase Replacements), which is BASED ON IBPS EXAMS 2017 !!!

In the questions given below, find out which of the phrases (I), (II), (III) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required mark (5) as the answer.

    1. Please turn off the light when you leave the room.
      1) dazzle
      2) surprise
      3) hide
      4) escape
      5) leave
      Answer : 5)
      Explanation : to turn off: to cause to stop functioning (also: to switch off, to shut off)
      Turn on and turn off, as well as their related forms, are used for things that
      flow, such as electricity, water, gas, etc.

    2. Harry picked up the newspaper that was on the front doorstep.
      1) twist
      3) mend
      Answer : 3)
      Explanation: to pick up: to lift form the floor, table, etc., with one’s fingers.

He’s spent over an hour looking for the pen that he lost.
2) glance
3) insist
5) manipulative

Answer : 2)
Explanation: to look for: to try to find, to search for
An adverb phrase such as all over can be put between the verb and preposition, as in the second example, however, the idiom cannot be separated by a noun or pronoun.

  • She knew all along that we’d never agree with his plan.
    1) provide
    2) distinct
    3) allocate
    Answer : 4)
    Explanation: all along: all the time, from the beginning (without change)

  • Paula likes to walk through the woods by herself, but her brother prefers to walk with a companion.
    1) resist
    2) navigate
    3) alone
    4) allow
    5) please
    Answer : 3)
    Explanation: by oneself: alone, without assistance.

  • Do you think that she didn’t come to the meeting on purpose?
    1) generally
    2) intentionally
    3) eventually
    4) suddenly
    5) carefully
    Answer : 2)
    Explanation: on purpose: for a reason, deliberately.

  • Students should try to understand the meaning of a new word from context before looking the word up in the dictionary.
    1) progress
    2) privilege
    3) avoided
    4) picked
    5) appropriate
    Answer : 1)
    Explanation: to look up: to locate information in a directory, dictionary, book, etc.

  • If you go out in this rain, you will surely catch cold.
    1) wing
    2) cling
    3) trivial
    5) abandon
    Answer : 4)
    Explanation: to catch cold: to become sick with a cold of the nose for throat.

  • The operator told me to hang the phone up and call the number again.
    1) pick
    2) alive
    3) swing
    4) slip
    5) abscond
    Answer : 3)
    Explanation: to hang up: to place clothes on a hook or hanger; to replace the receiver on the phone at the end of a conversation.

  • You should mix up the ingredients well before you put them in the pan.
    1) interaction
    2) arisen
    3) amicable
    4) confusion
    5) palpable
    Answer : 4)
    Explanation: to mix up: to stir or shake well ; to confuse, to bewilder.