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English Questions – ODD ONE OUT Sentences 13

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in ODD sentence , which is  BASED ON IBPS EXAMS 2018 !!!

Directions (Q.1-10):Five statements are given below, labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. 1. Over the years, the MBBS course, set in tertiary care institutions which often deal with exotic and rare disorders, has not equipped students to deal with the health needs of local communities.
    2. This will ensure that overall health and health care needs, rather than narrow professional interests, are the focus.
    3. The explosion in medical knowledge has resulted in the introduction of new specialties.
    4. But there has been a marked reduction in the time spent for training in each subject and for acquiring practical skills during internship.
    5. The focus of undergraduate education has shifted from training basic doctors to manage common diseases to learning medical theory. This pattern has made them less skilled and much less capable of managing basic conditions.
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is suitable as it states about health and not MBBS.

  2. 1. It will take a decade or more to create a research environment in the existing law schools, particularly for cutting-edge research that contribute to law reform and development.
    2. Meanwhile, the recommendation of the Knowledge Commission to set up a few advanced research centres that can attract available talent to plan and develop legal research is worthy of immediate attention.
    3. This is where the Central government should invest, as it did in the field of scientific and industrial research in the early 1960s and 1970s.
    4. They can be networked with the law schools of the region: this will be of mutual advantage.
    5. The shortage of teachers can be addressed partly through a flexible approach in faculty composition:
    Answer : 5)
    Option 5 is suitable as it states about shortage of law teachers.

  3. 1. Indian historians were also polite as though belonging to the Oxbridge club was more critical than compassion for the victims.
    2. Between the middle ground of silence and an illiteracy about the event, the narrative split into two.
    3.One strand merged into folklore and people’s memory and became a tale told by old men and women to their families.
    4. The British tended to explain it away as one of the sideshows of history, an act of contingency of an imperial Winston Churchill too busy with winning the war.
    5.In the other what one sees is a banalisation, a ritualisation of the event.
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is suitable as it states about a different topic.

  4. 1. A mature society is one which has the capacity to manage dissent since members of a society will always disagree with each other on something or the other.
    2. Democratic societies are the best of the available models in managing dissent with the least harmful effect on the dissenter.
    3. A group made up of people who agree to everything all the time is not really a society but an oligarchy.
    4. This is the true work of democracy; elections and voting are the means to achieve this.
    5.The essence of democracy is to be found in the method it uses to deal with dissent, which is through discussion and debate, along with particular ethical norms.
    Answer : 3)
    Option 3 is suitable as it does not talk about mature society.

  5. 1. In the case of education, PPP has been proposed as an important strategy in the Eleventh Five Year Plan.
    2. Public-private partnership (PPP) has become a fashionable slogan in new development strategies, particularly over the last couple of decades.
    3. It is projected as an innovative idea to tap private resources and to encourage the active participation of the private sector in national development.
    4. It is more forcefully advocated when public resources are projected to be inadequate to meet needs.
    5. PPP is already being adopted in several infrastructure development sectors, such as the development of airports, railways, roads, and so on.
    Answer : 1)
    Option 1 is suitable as it states about education.

  6. 1. Our culture poses formidable mental and social barriers to girls when they attain puberty.
    2. Some of these mental blocks make it extremely difficult for education to do what it is supposed to — namely, boost confidence in one’s abilities by developing a positive self-concept.
    3. Right from early childhood, girls are socialised to perceive matrimony and motherhood as the ultimate goals of their life.
    4. That this scheme has been named Sabla also deserves attention. The coinage is supposed to convey the opposite of abla, which means ‘the one who has no power.’
    5. A numbing array of rituals and customs is used to prepare girls for the inescapability of leaving their natal homes and for a life of dependence and silent compliance.
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is suitable as it states about some scheme which is not clear.

  7. 1. While stone pelting has become a routine feature of street protests in Srinagar since the summer of 2008, it had revived with particular intensity after April, when three youths were alleged to have been killed in a fake encounter in Machhil.
    2. The accidental death of a schoolboy, Tufail Mattoo, as a result of teargas shelling on June 11 was the apparent flashpoint setting the Valley afire as mass protests erupted all over.
    3. According to experienced observers such as Wajahat Habibullah, the street protests today have very little of the sting of the protests of the ‘90s which had a strong undercurrent of intense anti-India sentiment.
    4.Waves of stone pelting protesters descended on the streets of Srinagar, defying curfew orders.
    5. As security forces retaliated by firing on these teenagers armed only with rocks, those killed in the firing were immediately appropriated and anointed as shaheed or martyrs to the separatist cause, thereby infusing fresh dynamism into the separatist agitation.
    Answer : 3)
    Option 3 is suitable as it does not state about stone pelting

  8. 1. A Family Planning Research and Programme Committee was constituted. At its first meeting in Bombay in July 1953, the committee took a comprehensive and broad view of family planning.
    2. The evolution of government-led population stabilisation efforts in India goes back to the start of the five year development plans in 1951-52.
    3. To quote from its report: “The committee emphasised that the family planning programme should not be conceived of in the narrow sense of birth control or merely of spacing of the birth of children.
    4. The purpose of Family Planning was to promote, as far as possible, the growth of the family as a unit of society, in a manner designed to facilitate the fulfilment of those conditions which were necessary for the welfare of the unit from the social, economic and cultural points of view.
    5.The functions of a Family Planning Centre would include sex education, marriage counselling, marriage hygiene, the spacing of children, and advice on such other measures (including on infertility) as necessary to promote welfare of the families.”
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is suitable as it does not talk about Family Planning Research.

  9. 1. A Biodiversity Literacy Movement should be launched, so that from childhood on everyone is aware of the importance of diversity for the maintenance of food, water, health and livelihood security
    2. How can biodiversity be harnessed for poverty alleviation? This can be done by converting biodiversity into jobs and income on a sustainable basis. Institutional mechanisms have been developed at the MSSRF for this, such as Biovillages and Biovalleys.
    3. In Biovillages, the conservation and enhancement of natural resources become priority tasks.
    4. At the same time, the Biovillage community aims to increase the productivity and profitability of small farms and create livelihood opportunities in the non-farm sector.
    5. Habitat conservation is vital to prevent genetic erosion. In a Biovalley, local communities try to link biodiversity, biotechnology and business in a mutually reinforcing manner.
    Answer : 1)
    Option 1 is suitable as it states about some movement which is not related to other sentences.

  10. 1. Support prices to particular crops are often announced after sowing operations are over.
    2. The government should announce support prices ahead of the sowing season.
    3. If there is any delay in announcing the support price, it should be ensured that support prices extended during the earlier year are offered in the current year along with additional cost of inputs.
    4. Transport services to carry agricultural produce are inadequate.
    5. This will give the farming community the confidence to produce crops.
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is suitable as it states about transport services.