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English Questions – ODD ONE OUT Sentences 11

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in ODD sentence , which is  BASED ON IBPS EXAMS 2018 !!!

Sentence does not contribute main idea

Directions (Q.1-10) In these questions, there are four/five sentences I,II,III,IV / V . Three out of four/ five of these sentences contribute to one main idea when these sentences are formed into a paragraph. One/Two sentence does not contribute to the main idea. That sentence/(s) is your answer.

  1. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. It is time for New Delhi to decide to what extent it is in the interest of India to deepen its intervention in the political affairs of Nepal.
    II. There is much to do bilaterally on the environmental, cultural, economic fronts, and the dangers of keeping Nepal constantly insecure and on the boil open up the possibility of societal instability leaching to adjacent Indian States.
    III. The transforming economy, terrain and geopolitics of the central Himalaya demand an evolved doctrine of engagement with Nepal, even for India’s own self-interest.
    IV. The open border creates such an interconnected socio cultural web that a stable and prosperous Nepal will be a catalyst for this region. The weakness of Nepal Studies in Indian academia is astounding, and can only be the result of overwhelming preoccupation with geopolitics, with little interest in the welfare of India’s own peripheral
    1) II
    2) III
    3) I , IV
    4) I
    5) IV
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is correct as it states about geopolitical and other matters.

  2. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. In May 2016, the Left Democratic Front rode on a wave powered by the hopes and aspirations of the people of Kerala to form a new government in the State.
    II. We are seized of the absolute necessity to attract investment, to provide infrastructure and to develop industry so as to achieve a comprehensive development of the State.
    III. Their hopes emanated from the abject disdain they experienced under the previous United Democratic Front regime towards their interests as well as that of the State’s environment.
    IV. Agony brewed by the Central government’s policies that struck at the very root of the sovereignty of the nation and all sections of our society was also reflected in the Left’s victory.
    1) II
    2) I , III
    3) IV
    4) I , II
    5) III , IV
    Answer : 1)
    Option 1 is correct as it states about development.

  3. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. Conventionally, commercial surrogacy involves an agreement in which a woman, in exchange for money, agrees to carry a child for another person to whom she will surrender the child when it is born.
    II. The woman can either be the child’s genetic mother — which is the more traditional form of surrogacy — or, alternatively, if implanted with an embryo, she could merely be a gestational carrier owning no genetic connection to the child whatsoever.
    III. Since 2002, when the Indian Council for Medical Research issued a set of non-binding regulations that envisaged transactional surrogacy, these forms of arrangements have flourished in India.
    IV. Women have a fundamental right to contract, and a fundamental right to personal liberty, which together permit them to use their bodies as they please, however, cannot be readily dismissed.
    V. According to some reports, the assisted-reproduction sector may now be worth as high as $2 billion, with more than 25,000 surrogate children being born every year in the country.
    1) I ,V
    2) IV
    3) II , III
    4) I
    5) III
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is correct as it deviates from the topic of commercial surrogacy.

  4. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. While Narendra Modi pretends to play statesman immersed in the problems of governance, his electoral double, Amit Shah, plays impresario to this knee-jerk nationalism, adding a surreal gravitas to what is both farcical and lethal.
    II. Mr. Shah is a menacing figure whose pronouncements become virtual diktats to party workers.
    III. He creates a fetish around nationalism which even threatens free speech blatantly. He is clear that nationalism is too sacred to be even questioned through free speech
    IV. He transforms it both into a theology and an official state ideology such that reasons of the nation state become even more sacrosanct than democracy. He is clear that what he labels as propaganda against the nation should not be considered as part of free speech.
    V. Since character building seems to be beyond the BJP, this fiction of being the custodian of ‘nationalist character’ lets it beat back dissent or difference of any kind.
    1) III
    2) II , IV
    3) I , III
    4) V
    5) II , V
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is correct as it deviates from the policies of Amit Shah.

  5. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. The country will suffer the consequences of a bitter power struggle where whoever wins, the cause of justice for the people of India loses.
    II. Vacancies are not the sole reason for debilitating judicial delays. Delay in the judiciary is a multifaceted problem which differs also from court to court, State to State.
    III. However amongst some common factors is the pressing concern that law, as laid down by the Supreme Court and high courts in a large number of areas, is unclear and inconsistent.
    IV. This necessitates constant and overlapping appeals clogging the system. While disposing such cases, very rarely are timelines followed.
    1) III , IV
    2) II , I
    3) IV
    4) III
    5) I
    Answer : 5)
    Option 5 is correct as it does not give a clear picture of what is it about.

  6. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. The issue is that the agenda of cow protection has been, since the 1880s, embedded in communal imaginaries, positioning of non-Hindus as the other, and communal rioting between Hindus and Muslims.
    II. Choosing and implementing one of the Directive Principles of State Policy on offer, Article 48, which enjoins the state to preserve and protect cattle.
    III. The history of movements for the protection of cows in India is a sordid one. It has nothing to do with religion.
    IV. This history recounts of cynical politics. The tale is that of unifying a deeply divided and hierarchically ordered Hindu community under the banner of cow protection.
    1) III
    2) I , IV
    3) II
    4) IV
    5) I
    Answer : 3)
    Option 3 is correct as it talks about altogether a different aspect.

  7. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. Aggregate levels of undernutrition in India remain shockingly high, despite the impressive reduction in stunting in the last decade. The segments most at risk continue to be adolescent girls, women and children.
    II. According to the most recent United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report, nearly 50 per cent of women in India are married before they turn 18, in violation of the law.
    III. There is compelling evidence from around the world that large-scale food fortification is one of the best ways to address micronutrient deficiency.
    IV. The poor nutritional status of adolescent girls, combined with child marriage and multiple pregnancies even before becoming an adult, lead to another dismal fact, that 30 per cent of all children are born with low birth weight.
    1) III
    2) II , IV
    3) I
    4) III , IV
    5) I ,II
    Answer : 1)
    Option 1 is correct as it it unrelated with the topic.

  8. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. India’s strategic centrality to the region is best assured by ensuring that its agenda for accelerated economic development is reinforced and facilitated by secure defence of the homeland, the tangible reduction of tensions in the Kashmir Valley, super-efficient counterterrorism measures, and non-closure of the door to dialogue with Pakistan.
    II. Gilgit-Baltistan offers a classic example of a region, part of Jammu and Kashmir, now torn away from its mother node, whose disenfranchised people are essentially prevented from expressing their Kashmiriyat and live in a cul-de-sac determined by Islamabad, prevented from any contact with fellow Kashmiris across the Line of Control.
    III. Family and trade links with Jammu and Kashmir, including Ladakh, have been severed completely, thanks to actions of the Pakistani state. Terrorist attacks on top of sectarian clashes have affected the area in recent years.
    IV. . An economic crisis has compounded problems in the region. Residents have no bargaining power or wherewithal to generate their own resources.
    V. Many reports state that the improvement of the Gilgit-Baltistan section of the Karakoram Highway linking Chinese Xinjiang with PoK has been entrusted to Chinese defence and security personnel.
    1) III , V
    2) II
    3) I
    4) IV , V
    5. I , II
    Answer : 3)
    Option 3 is correct as it is not related to the other sentences.

  9. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. Companies find it expedient to employ labour on contract.
    II. They can then leave the job of managing regulations and inspectors to the contract labour firms.
    III. They can also stay small and escape various labour regulations. Most importantly, contract labour tends to be cheaper in general;
    IV. Focussing on changes to labour laws at the present time, far from fostering job creation, is likely to be counterproductive and can only result in greater labour unrest.
    1. II ,III
    2. I ,IV
    3. III
    4. IV
    5. II
    Answer : 4)
    Option 4 is correct as it deviates from the topic of companies and labour.

  10. Which of the following does not contribute to the main idea of the given passage?
    I. The transition from nationalism of the independence movement, which was a costume ball of ideas, to the uniformity of the nation state is complete.
    II. Demolishing the creativity of civil society by turning every act of dissent and difference into a canned idea of sedition.
    III. A good citizen is not only someone who is corseted in dress but one who wears a corseted mind.
    IV. Failing to understand that both cadre and mob lack the nuance, the subtlety or mentality of a plural nation.
    V. Majoritarian nationalism creates a new kind of thought policing where the deviant, the dissenting, the marginal and the minoritarian find it different to fit into the chorus of the nation state.
    1) I ,V
    2) II , IV
    3) I
    4) III
    5) IV , V
    Answer : 2)
    Option 2 is correct as it is talking about nationalism.