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English: Idioms and Phrases Part 3

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point 26
26. A house of cards:
Hindi-  Bekar Yojna [ptto ka ghar bnana bekar hi hai]
Meaning- Used to refer to an insubstantial or insecure situation or scheme:[A poor plan]
Sentence-The PM’s new scheme was initially welcomed, but later turned out to be a house of cards when it results in more number of frauds.
point 27
27. Break the ice:
Hindi-  Kuj ht k krna ya Jhijhak todna
Meaning- Do or say something to relieve tension or get conversation going in a strained situation or when strangers meet
Sentence- (1)Sometimes to break the ice between two stubborn people you have to continue trying, even when it seems that it will never happen.(2)How can we break the ice with the new neighbors if they won’t even say hello to us?
point 28
28. To put in a nutshell:
Hindi- sanshep me kehna
Meaning- To say in a small number of words or in summary manner
Sentence-  My Mother has a habit of talking for a long time on a topic, so I always remind her to tell me something in a nutshell.
point 29
29. Waste (of) One’s Breath
Hindi-  faitu me sans barbad krna keh k
Meaning-  talk without accomplishing anything, and so to throw away or misuse the breath required to speak
Sentence- It was a complete waste of my breath to ask her father for her hand in marriage – he refused from the beginning.
point 30
30. It’s Greek to me
hindi- kala akshar bens brabar
Meaning- can’t understand it at all.
Sentence- I failed my Biology test; it was all Greek to me!
point  31
31. Eat humble pie:
Hindi- Nimarta ta ghoot pina
Meaning- Make a humble apology and accept humiliation
Sentence- He will have to eat humble pie for the disrespect shown to my mother.
point 32
32. Fool’s paradise:
Hindi- Vehem me rehkar me khush hona
Meaning- False sense of happiness or success
Sentence- He was living in a fool’s paradise, refusing to accept that the girl cheats him.
point 33
33. Give cold shoulder:
Hindi- thanda response
Meaning-To ignore
Sentence- I sent Rani a message to apologize for my misbehavior, but she gave me the cold shoulder.
point 34
34. Hit the nail on the head:
Hindi- danke ki chot par,bilkul sahi baat krna
Meaning- you are exactly correct about something.
Sentence- President Modi hit the nail on the head when he said the greatest problem we have in the USA is that we have a lot of lazy people that do not want to work.
point 35
35. Be on cloud nine:
Hindi- Bot khush hona
Meaning- Be very happy
Sentence- I will be on cloud nine when my first book gets published.
point 36
36. Hand to mouth:
Hindi- jitna kmaya utna khaya
Meaning- live on only basic necessities
Sentence- The severe drought led the farmers to live hand to mouth.
point 37
37. Hit the bull’s eye:
Hindi- pkka nishachya
Meaning-  To be exactly right about something or achieve the best result possible.
Sentence- The detective hit the bull’s eye when he figured out that nobody but the doctor could have had access to the poison.
point -38
38. Open Pandora’s Box:
Hindi- mushibat me pdna ka source
Meaning- To find a source of great troubles and problems
Sentence- Finding the wallet on the road opened up a Pandora’s box. I was arrested for stealing when I went to report it at the police station.
point 39
39. Let the cat out of the bag:
Hindi- raaj kholna
Meaning- To reveal the secret carelessly or by mistake
Sentence- Now that Nilam had let the cat out of the bag, she had no option but to confess.
point 40
40. To call a spade a spade:
Hindi- asli chehra dikhana
Meaning- To be brutally frank, outspoken, blunt in speech.
Sentence- Let’s call a spade a spade – popular he may be, but that man is a liar.