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English Grammar – Phrasal Verbs 12

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Phrasal verb, Which are asked yesterday in SBI PO PRELIMS !!!

Occur to – Enter one’s mind.
Open up – Start to talk freely about something.
Open up – Open a shop or business for the day.
Open up – Allow goods into a market.
Operate on – Perform surgery.
Opt for – Choose.
Opt in – Choose to be part or a member of something.
Opt into – Choose to be a member or part of something.
Opt out – Choose not to be part of something.
Owe to – Be the reason for something.
Own up – Confess.
Pack away – Put something where it belongs.
Pack in – Stop doing something.
Pack in – End a relationship.
Pack in – Fill a venue.
Pack in – Break down, stop working.
Pack it in – Stop doing something (used as an imperative).
Pack off – Send someone away.
Pack out – Fill a venue.
Pack up Stop doing something.
Pack up – Finish work.
Pack up – Break down, stop working.
Pack up – Collect things and put them where you keep them.
Pad down – Sleep somewhere for the night.
Pad out – Make a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn’t particularly relevant.
Pair off – Begin a romantic relationship.
Pair off – Introduce people, hoping they will start a relationship.
Pair off – Form pairs.
Pair off with – Form a pair with someone.
Pair up – Form a pair.
Pal around – Be friendly and spend time with someone.
Pal up – Become friends.
Palm off – Get someone to accept something that isn’t true.
Palm off – Pretend something is better than it is in order to sell it.
Pan out – The way a situation develops.
Paper over – Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it.
Pare back – If you pare something back, you reduce the size or numbers.
Pare down – Reduce, decrease.
Part with – Give something away, especially when you don’t want to.
Pass around – Give out to everybody there.
Pass as – Be believed to be something.
Pass away – Die.
Pass back – Return.
Pass by – Go past without stopping.
Pass by – Visit briefly.
Pass by – Miss an opportunity.
Pass down – Transmit information or give property to younger generations.
Pass for – Be accepted as something, usually when not.
Pass off – Convince something that something is real.
Pass off – Happen in a certain way.
Pass on – Give a message to someone.
Pass on – Decline an invitation or opportunity.
Pass on – Die.
Pass on to – Change topic or subject.
Pass out – Faint, lose consciousness.
Pass out – Distribute.
Pass over – Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior.
Pass over – Ignore, refuse to discuss.
Pass round – Distribute, give to people present.
Pass through – Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly.
Pass to – Give ownership or responsibility to someone.
Pass to – Become owner of or responsible for something.
Pass up – Decline a chance.
Pat down – Search or frisk someone.
Patch together – Create or assemble something quickly without much planning.
Patch up – Fix or make things better.
Patch up – Give an injured person basic medical treatment.
Pay back – Repay money borrowed.
Pay back – Take revenge on.
Pay down – Pay a debt over time.
Pay for – Purchase.
Pay into – Deposit money.
Pay off – Completely repay a debt.
Pay off – Produce a profitable or successful result.
Peck at – Eat very small amounts.
Peel away – Leave a group by moving in a different direction.
Peel away from – Leave a group by moving in a different direction.
Peel off – Leave a group by moving in a different direction.
Peel off from – Leave a group by moving in a different direction.
Peel out – Accelerate rapidly from stationary.
Peg away – Keep working at something.
Peg down – Fasten something to the ground.
Peg it – Die.
Peg out – Put washing outside to dry.
Peg out – Die.
Pencil in – Make a provisional appointment.
Pep up – Make something more interesting.