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English Grammar – One word Substitutions 4

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

Fanatic – One who passes interest in religion.
Fatalism – Religion that which believes that god is everything.
Fathom – Understand fully – unit of length equal to six feet.
Fauna – the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.
Fiduciary – Of the relationship between a trustee and his principal.
Fertile – That which is productive.
Fetish – Amulet object believed to have magic power.
Filly – A young female horse.
Fission – Cleaving or splitting into parts.
Flock – Animals such as birds, sheep and goats keeping together in large number.
Flora – Plants of a particular region or period.
flotsam – the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on or washed up by the sea.
Fluctuating – Moving to & fro.
Flux – Continuous change – instability – fusion.
Footed pad – Robber, who goes on foot.
Formidable – inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.
Fortissimo – Very loud.
Fragile – That which can be easily broken.
Fusion – Uniting by meeting together.
Galvanize – Startle into sudden activity – to coat with zinc.
Galvanometer – A glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between glasses.
Gastronomy – Relating to taste (Food taste).
Gender – Male goose
Genealogist – One who traces the history of the descent of families.
Genocide – the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.
Genuine – Authentic – free from pretense.
Geologist- One who studies the internal structure of the earth (crust).
Germicide – Medicine that kills germs.
Geysers – There are natural hot water springs.
Glacier – A huge mass of snow moving slowly down the valley and stopes.
Gnosticism – A type of yoga (Gymnastics).
Government – Connoisseur of choice food.
Gregarious – Animals living in flocks.
gynecologist – a physician or surgeon qualified to practice in gynecology.
Hemorrhage – an escape of blood from a ruptured blood vessel.
hagiography – the writing of the lives of saints.
Herbivore – Plant eater – hoofed mammals.
Herbivorous – Animals eating herbs.
Hedonist – One who devotes himself to pleasure.
Hiatus Gap – Missing part – Break in continuity – lacuna.
Hibernate – To spend the winter in a dormant state.
Hibernation – Condition of sleep during certain parts of the year.
Hierarchy – Any system of persons or things passed on to other.
Hieroglyphic – writing consisting of hieroglyphs.
Histrionics – Acting – Artificial behavior or speech done for effect.
Heterogeneous mixture – Jumble.
Holocaust – A sacrifice totally concerned by fire – Devastation.
Holography – Making of true – three dimensional photographs by use of laser beams.
Homely – Not beautiful – unattractive – plain.
Homogeneous – Things which are of the same kind and of the same dimensions.
Homologous – Corresponding having same or similar relation.
Homophone – Word pronounced the same as, but different in meaning spelled the same wayhood.
Horologist – One who studies the art of clock making.
Horticulture – An art of garden cultivation.
Hostage – Persons given to another as pledge.
Hullabaloo – Clamorous noise or disturbance – Uproar.
Hybrid – Anything derived from heterogeneous sources.
Hydraulics – Study of water or other liquid in Motion.
Hydrotherapy – One who knows the positions of lands and draws the maps.
Hydrometer – Instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids.
Hydrophobia – It is usually caused by the bite of mad dog.
Hydrophobia – Rabies disease (Dog’s bite) disease of water.
Hydrophone – Instrument used for recording sound under water.
Hydroponics – Culture of plants without soil, with the help of chemical solutions containing nutrients.
Hydro-statics – the branch of mechanics concerned with the hydro static properties of liquids.
Hygrometer – Instrument used for measuring humidity in air.
Hymn Song – in praise of god.
Hyperbola – Curve with two distinct and similar branches.