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English Grammar – Idiom and Phrases 18 For SSC CGL and IBPS/SBI PO

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

Clinched the issue – Decided
Call a spade a spade – Be outspoken in language
Point-blank – Pointedly
Neck out – Invite trouble unnecessarily
Green eyes – Jealous
Bird’s eye view – General view
Goes to dog – Is ruined
Keep a level head – Remain cool and composed
Turned the corner – Passed the crisis
Fishing in trouble water – Talking advantage of troubled conditions for personal profit
In high sprit – Cheerful
To rock the boat – Upset the balance
Tooth and nail – With strength and fury
Wee hours of the day – At dawn
Put the foot down – Not to yield
In the blues – Depressed
On the wane – Growing less
Fair and square – Upright
Hole and corner method – Underhand
Scream blue murder – Make a great deal of noise and object vehemently
Paint the town red – Have a lively time
Keep the finger crossing – Wait expectantly
At odds – In dispute
Make ducks and drakes – Squandered lavishly
No love lost – Intense dislike
Ride the high horse – Puts in airs
Pull a long face – Looks indifferent
Beside the mark – Irrelevant
Fill in – To tell someone the details about someone or something
Send(one) about one’s business – To send someone away , usually in an unfriendly way
Run in the same groove – Advance in harmony
Wolf in sheep’s clothing – Hypocrite
Chewing the cuds – To muse on, to chat , in an aimless manner
At ease – Embarrassed
Cut corners – Simplify the producers
At the drop of hat – Without delay
Burning question – A widely debated issue
Paddle of own canoe – Depended on himself
At cross purposes – Misunderstanding of each other’s purposes
In raptures – Very enthusiastic
Out of place – Inappropriate
Gets on nerves – Irritate
Wear heart on sleeves – Exposing innermost feeling to others
Like a duck in a thunderstorm – Distressed
Herculean task – Work required great effort
An eye to the main chance – Object to make money
Make flesh creep – Frightened
Himself to himself – In unsociable
Leave high and dry – To leave some one unsupported and unable to manoeuvre
Call in questions – Challenges
Means business – Earnest /sincere
A left handed compliment – An insincere
Once in a while – Occasionally
Kick heels – waste time
Lying down – To show no reaction
Gone down the drained – Wasted