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English Grammar : Articles Part – 2

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important Part of English Language, here we will discuss about Articles and its Usages, Which is very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

Article Usage with Examples

Definite Article THE Rules

Adjectives as Nouns

When referring to a group of people by use of an adjective rather than a noun, use “the”.

the elderly the disabled the unemployed
the rich the sick the needy
the homeless the young the restless

Names of Countries

Some countries are preceded by “the”, usually if the name is plural, contains an adjective, or includes “of”.

The United States         The Soviet Union        The Republic of Congo
America Russia Spain
Japan China Mexico

Cities and Streets use nothing

Chicago Fifth Avenue San Francisco
Highway 5 London Kennedy blvd.

Rivers, Oceans, Seas, Groups of Mountains & Islands use “the”

the Amazon                 the Atlantic                                  the Mediterranean
the Cascades               the Hawaiian Islands                    the Bahamas


Cardinal numbers(1,2,3) use nothing
World War 2       Page 7                 Chapter 1
Mission 1           Paragraph 5         Channel 6

Ordinal numbers (1st,2nd,3rd) use “the”
The Second World War             the seventh page                        the first chapter
the first mission                       the fifth paragraph                      the sixth channel

Titles of People

When a title is given with a name, use nothing
President Mitchael Queen Mary Professor Scott

When a title is used without a name, use “the”

The president the queen the professor


When a school has “of” in its title, use “the”
The University of Arizona.

When a school does not have “of” in its title, use nothing
Lincoln High School            Arizona State University            Liverpool John Moores University

Location versus Activity

When referring to an activity, use nothing
I am going to school now.(activity-study)
He is always on time for class. (activity-learn)

When referring to the location, use “the”

The meeting is at the school. (location-campus)
They are remodeling the movie theater. (location-building)
The new student had trouble finding the class. (location-classroom)

Unique Objects – Use THE

the earth                         the human race                       the world
the moon                         the sun                                   the universe

Part of a larger group, Use THE

-One of the students
-None of the students
-Both of the students
-All of the students

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