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Dronavalli Harika won women’s world chess championship 2015

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Dronavalli Harika, the Indian grandmaster has won bronze prize for the World Women’s Chess Championship 2015 held at Sochi, Russia on april 6th 2015. She shared the prize along with Pia Cramling, the swedish grandmaster. In the semifinals she lost to Mariya Muzychuk of Ukraine.

Mariya Muzychuk defeated Natalia Pogonina of Russia to claim the 15th Women’s World Chess Champion title. Hou Yifan of China, the former women’s world chess champion has not attended the tournament.

Mariya Muzychuk was awarded with 60,000 USD while Natalia Pogonina with 30,000 USD and Dronavalli Harika with 20,000 USD for their achievement.

The Women’s World Chess Championship was attended by 64 participants from 28 countries. It was a knock-out tournament and the first edition of the 2 editions of 2015.

About Dronavalli Harika

Dronavalli Harika is born in Guntur from India. She won the youth chess championship in the year 13. She is top performer of the current generation who lead the developing countries like India with moral values and leading the coming generations with good sportsmanship.

  1. She came into lime-light when she won the girls’ under-14 & under-18 world-youth championships. She is coached by Mr. N.V Raju.
  2. She has won many chess championships which include
    1. Women’s-youth championship, they are; Girls’ under-14-chapionship in-2004,Girls’ under-18-chapionship in 2006
    2. She was honored with Arjuna-Award in-2007
    3. Women’s common-wealth-championship in 2006, 2007 & 2010
    4. World Junior-chess-championship in-2008. She was ranked as the top-runner in 2008 Gibraltar-chess-festival in-2008
    5. Bronze-Medal at Asian-Games in-2010. Quarter-finalist in Women’s world-championship
    6. Semi-finalist at Women’s world-championship in-2012
    7. Bronze-medal at Women’s world-championship in-2015

Knowledge is Wealth

  • Humpy Koneru, Mary Ann Gomes and Dronavalli Harika were the participants from India.
  • FIDE, World Chess Federation co-ordinates all the country’s chess federations to conduct the World Chess Championship, the international chess competition (Governing Body).
  • FIDE has its head quarters in Athens, Greece.
  • FIDE awards titles like FIDE Master, International Master and International Grandmaster.
  • Kiran Ilyumzhinov is the president of FIDE since 1995 till now.