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Descriptive Writing : Essay For SBI PO Set 1

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Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that SBI PO exam is near.One of the most important part of this Exam is Descriptive Writing Exam that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY Which can be asked in the SBI PO & BOB Manipal Exams.

Focus on Education 

According to the ancient ideal, education is that which leads to liberation or that which aims at building up the character and righteous conduct of human being. Mere intellectual development without corresponding development of character, learning without piety, proficiency in the sacred lore and deficiency in its practice are bound to defeat the very purpose of education.
Education should teach the student not merely to think correctly but also feel nobly and to choose loftily. Through his scheme of education which stressed life – oriented education, Gandhiji tried to work out a synthesis between physical labor, scientific knowledge and human sympathy or an emphasis on education of the heart and hand along with the head.
Though it is true that literacy rate, which was 18.3 per cent in 1951, has risen to about 62 percent today, the sad story still remains that about half of the world’s illiterates are Indians. The growing number of universities are haunted by all sorts of problems, lack of proper library and laboratory facilities as also of books, especially in the regional languages, the swelling of enrollment of students, which about seven million today, irregular admissions, impractical teaching methods, undue interference in the affairs of the universities by the government, lack of proper linkage between community needs and the university educated employed in the country, and the low priority given to education in our budgets are some of the main defects of our education system today.
A joint efforts in this area needs to be taken by the government, the social and educational institutions, the teachers, the students and the society as a whole. Some of the important steps to be taken by the government are: Protecting and respecting the autonomy of the universities, enlarging the power of the UGC so as to enable it to act as proper monitoring agency of higher education, delinking degrees from jobs, raising the budget allocation for education, and seeing to it that all its policies are implemented well and efficiently.
So far as the universities are concerned, the Kothari Commission rightly maintains that the destiny of a nation is decided as much in its schools and colleges as in its fields and factories It has to be realized that they have to function not merely as temples of learning and centres of culture but also as training grounds for democracy and as “sanctuaries of inner life of man”.
We all know that our nation taught the entire world the lessons of knowledge in the ancient times.Education has been the area in which we have excelled in the past and at any cost that tempo needs to be maintained. Even today it is felt that genuine education does no go futile and pays back in some form or other.