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Delhi Police gets India’s first ‘Thermal Corona Combat Headgear’ to enhance social distancing

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India's first Thermal Corona Combat HeadgearOn May 13, 2020, Delhi Police launched India’s first ‘Thermal Corona Combat Headgear’ to ensure the safety of frontline warriors and enforce social distancing. The initiative has been launched by the Delhi police in collaboration with Indian Robotics Solution.

Key Points:

i.Thermal Corona Combat Headgear: This equipment helps police personnel to detect the temperature of a large number of people from a distance of 10-15 metres.

ii.Through this equipment, live imagery can also be sent to a centralised control centre.

iii.IRS founder Sagar Gupta Naugriua also added that the frontline workers can scan people without coming in close contact with them in public areas such as hospitals, supermarkets and crowded areas.

iv.Thermal Corona Combat Drone: The Delhi Police has also launched a ‘Thermal Corona Combat Drone-(TCCD)’ in collaboration with the same startup.

v.About TCCD: The drone is fitted with a day-vision camera that can see the real image of the personnel, a disinfectant tank to sanitise an area when a suspected person is taken away for further tests.

vi.The drone also comprises a spotlight with a night utility camera, a loudspeaker for giving instructions and a medical box to carry essentials like medicines or portable coronavirus testing kits.

vii.The drone has been successfully tested at Majnu ka Tila Basti, three slums in Noida Sector 15 & 16, and Gurugram where over more than 150 people were screened effectively as a sample size.

About Delhi:
Chief Minister (CM)- Arvind Kejriwal.
Governor- Anil Baijal.