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Delhi Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal launched Phase I of Green Delhi initiative

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Delhi Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal launched the Green Delhi programme by planting trees at the Triangular Park at New Delhi.

  • The initiative was launched in line with a detailed action plan submitted by the AAP government to the Apex Court after it demanded information on steps being taken to improve air quality and reduce air pollution.
  • There has been a huge rise in vehicular pollution because the number of vehicles plying on the roads of Delhi is more than that of three Metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Kolkatta and Chennai. Air pollution is the 5th largest killer in India by WHO Report.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched Phase I of Green Delhi initiative

Action Plan by the Delhi Government:

  • The government will start vaccum cleaning all Public Works Department (PWD) roads at regular intervals from April 1, 2016.
  • Central verges, including kutcha portion under flyovers, will be bedded with grass and plants to avoid dust rising from footpaths along the roads. The total length of roads maintained by the PWD is 1,260 kilometres.
  • Under this programme, greening of about 120 acres of road side areas will be taken up by grassing and planting by pollution absorbing trees and shrubs.
  • Rs 2 crore was allocated for the project, the first phase will be in place from April to May.