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Current Affairs Quiz : May 2 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs May 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Andhara Pradesh Chief Minister launched the Chandranna Bima Yoja for which sector of people in Vijayawada with Investment of Rs. 132 crore?
    A.Working Woman
    B.Unorganised working
    C.Pregnant Working
    D.All Woking class
    Answer –  D.All Working class
    Explanation :
    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated an insurance scheme – Chandranna Bima Yojana for the working class people on May Day

  2. Union Government released the funder under various sections of Swachh Bharat Mission to enhance the quality of Sanitation of urban areas of which state?
    B.Himachal Pradesh
    D.Uttar Pradesh
    Answer –  C.Punjab
    Explanation :
    Swachh Bharat Mission funds released in Punjab to achieve clean India Mission. Funds Sanctioned Rs. 16 Crore 79 Lakhs and No of Municipal corporation city involved is 9 except Ludhiana Corporation whereas Ludhiana funder under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

  3. The Odisha state Government announced the operation of which authority/(ies) to guide, implement, coordinate and oversee all skill development programmes?
    A.Skill Development Authority
    B.Skill Progress Authority
    C.Entrepreneur Skill Development
    D.All the above
    Answer –  A.Skill Development Authority
    Explanation :
    The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced Odisha Skill Development Authority, which will become operational from May 1 and the programme headed by Subroto Bagchi.

  4. Which high court termed reservation in promotion of Scheduled castes and tribes in Government job in the state as unconstitutional?
    B.Punjab and Haryana
    D.None of the above
    Answer – D.None of the above
    Explanation :
    The Madhya Pradesh high court struck down reservation for scheduled and tribes in Government Job Promotions. The Court observed that giving priority to reserved categories over general classes in promotions is not justice.

  5. Memorandum of Understanding has signed between which Government and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi to set up Indian Institute of Technology in the state?
    B.Jammu & Kashmir
    D.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer –  B.Jammu & Kashmir
    Explanation :
    J & K has signed MoU with Delhi IIT to establish IIT in J & K. Regular classes will commence from the current session in the temporary campus.

  6. Who has authored the book “No Time to Pause”, the story about a girl want of privacy and independence while goes to college in a different city
    A.Chetan Bhagat
    B.Arundathi Roy
    C.Pavithra Ramesh
    D.Mangel Pandey
    Answer –  C.Pavithra Ramesh
    Explanation :
    The book chronicles the life of a typical college students who chooses to reside miles away from her family to get value education.

  7. Who has won the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix to take top position in with his fourth consecutive victory in a row?
    A.Lewis Hamilton
    B.Nico Rosberg
    D.None of the Above
    Answer –  B.Nico Rosberg
    Explanation :
    The British man started 10th after an engine issues in qualifying but after repairs he drove an exceptional race to limit the damage to his title hopes. In the contest Hamilton ranks 2nd and Raikkonen ranks 3rd.

  8. Who has won the Bronze in the Women category 50m rifle prone competition conducted by ISSF Junior world cup in Germany?
    A.Gaayathri Nithyanandam
    C.Ayushi Podder
    D.Rita Singh
    Answer –  A.Gaayathri Nithyanandam
    Explanation :
    Indian Shooters made a historical victory by bagging three Gold medals and a Bronze on the inaugural day of the ISSF Junior World Cup.

  9. Scientists from University of Georgia in the US and the Federal University of Riod De Janeiro have discovered a new reef system at which river?
    Answer – B.Amazon
    Explanation :
    The Study observed that a measure coral reef that stretches for some 600 miles. The reef system extends over 3600 square miles along the ocean floor, stretching from French Guiana to Brazil’s Maranhao.

  10. Which hospital has signed MoU with Osler Health for research in chronic diseases and aims to impact the health and wellness of the patients?
    Answer –  A.Apollo
    Explanation :
    Under this initiative scientists at the two organizations will begin by identifying areas of cooperation, collaboration and innovation particularly around the range of diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Cancer

  11. Mobile payments major Paytm has joined hands with IT sector to create the requisite technology infrastructure for its payment bank operations?
    Answer –  C.Wipro
    Explanation :
    The tie up is to implement the core banking solution for paytm and also programme managing the integration of other key systems like the anti-money laundering solution and the regulatory reporting solution

  12. Government Launches _________________ Initiative for upgradation of Tourism Sector in India.
    Answer –  B.MICE
    Explanation :
    Union Government has launched an initiative named MICE which is based on meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions for the upgradation of Tourism sector in India.

  13. Former Bharatiya Jana Sangh president has passed away recently due to illness at the age of 96 and he was full member of the RSS in 1942. Who is he?
    A.Balraj Mehood
    B.Balraj Baghok
    C.Balraj Madhok
    D.Balraj Mahaey
    Answer –
    C.Balraj Madhok
    Explanation :
    Madhok was born in 1920 in J & K. He led the BJS to its biggest ever win in 1967 when it won 35 seats in the lok Sabha.

  14. Mumbai Based real estate search portal appointed Dilip Tuli as Senior Vice president for strategy and new business initiatives. Name the company?
    Answer –
    Explanation :
    Dilip Tuli served as advisory division at KPMG consultancy and assist locon with company’s strategy and oversee new business initiatives

  15. Who has not been awarded with Fellows of the Royal society, a premier scientific academy of the UK and the Commonwealth?
    A.Sriram Ramaswamy
    B.Ramanujam Hegde
    C.Lakshminaraynan Mahadevan
    D.Sindhan Mahendiran
    Answer –  D.Sindhan Mahendiran
    Explanation :
    Three Eminent Indian Born Scientists listed in the fifty scientists elected as fellows of the Royal Society, a premier scientific academy of the UK and the Commonwealth.