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Current Affairs Quiz – July 5 2015

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs july 2015 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams. We have included Some GK questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams.

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  1. Who was awarded as “International Indian of the Year for 2014-15” in UK?
    A. Akash Malhotra
    B. Lord Karan Bilimoria
    C. Milind Joshi
    D. Karan Saxsena
    B. Lord Karan Bilimoria

  2. How many kilometers of Road network spread over India which is the second?
    Largest in the world?
    A. 33 lakhs
    B. 29 lakhs
    C. 35 lakhs
    D. 34 lakhs
    A. 33 lakhs

  3. Digital Guddi-Gudda Board was adopted as a best practice under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao(BBBP) scheme by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development. It was initiated by which of the following states?
    A. Madhya Pradesh
    B. Maharastra
    C. Kerela
    D. Himachal Pradesh
    B. Maharastra (Jalgaon district, Maharashtra)

  4. Kamal Bawa has been elected to the prestigious Royal Society in recognition of his contribution in which field?
    A. Area of Biodiversity
    B. Area of space science.
    C. Area of conservation science
    D. None of these
    C. Area of conservation science

  5. Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) are funds incorporated in India for the purpose of pooling in capital from Indian investors. Which of the following regulates AIFs?
    A. RBI
    B. Finance Minisitry
    C. SEBI
    D. EXIM
    C. SEBI

  6. International Day of Cooperatives celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July as to Increase awareness on cooperatives since which year?

  7. Except Bandhan Financial Service, Which micro-finance institution is going to start its universal banking operation in-principle approval from RBI from August 23?
    A. Disha Microfin Pvt Ltd
    B. IDFC
    C. Madura Micro Finance Ltd
    D. None of these
    B. IDFC

  8. Who won Women’s Hockey World League trophy 2015?
    A. South Korea
    B. Netherland
    C. Japan
    D. Argentina
    B. Netherland

  9. Which US-based food storage technology provider is planning to enter the Indian market by investing about USD 250 million over next 5 years?
    A. Fosters Freeze
    B. Fruit of the Loom
    C. Dean Foods
    D. Blumberg Grain
    D. Blumberg Grain

  10. Who won for the first time country’s first Copa America trophy?
    A. Chile.
    B. Argentina
    C. Ohio
    D. Kentuchy
    A. Chile