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Current Affairs Quiz: 9 November 2021

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Top 10 Questions Based on Current Affairs 9 November 2021

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  1. What are the points that are correct with respect to the LEADS (Logistics Ease Across Different States) 2021 index that was released in November 2021?
    A) LEADS 2021 is the 5th edition of the LEADS report, and the Top spot is retained by Tamil Nadu for the 3rd consecutive time.
    B) The Report is annually released by the Ministry of Commerce & Industries
    C) Under the North-eastern & Himalayan states category, Jammu & Kashmir secured 1st rank followed by Sikkim and Meghalaya

    1) Only A
    2) Only B
    3) Only C
    4) Only A & B
    5) Only B & C
    Answer-5) Only B & C
    LEADS 2021 is the 3rd edition of the LEADS report. Gujarat has retained its position as the top performer in the Index followed by Haryana, Punjab and Tamil Nadu.

  2. What is India’s rank in the 2021 Global Drug Policy Index that was topped by Norway?
    1) 25
    2) 15
    3) 7
    4) 30
    5) 18
    Answer-5) 18
    The 1st edition of the Global Drug Policy Index which was released by the Harm Reduction Consortium. India ranked 18 out of 30 countries.
    • The index was topped by Norway, followed by New Zealand, Portugal, the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, while Brazil secured the 30th rank.

  3. MoS External Affairs on his recent (in Nov’21) international visits, signed 2 Agreements related to Official Passports & Framework for Cooperation with ‘________’ and an MoU on Health and Medicine with ‘______’.
    1) Uganda; Somalia
    2) Gambia; Senegal
    3) Mali; Sudan
    4) Nigeria; Ethiopia
    5) Ghana; Kenya
    Answer-2) Gambia; Senegal
    V .Muraleedharan, MoS for External Affairs signed 2 Agreements – Exemption from Visa requirement for Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports; General Framework Agreement for Cooperation with Gambia.
    • India and Senegal signed an MoU on Health and Medicine in Dakar.

  4. Which Small Finance Bank (SFB) recently (in Nov’21) partnered with NABARD to provide Panchayati level training for local economic development?
    1) ESAF SFB
    2) Ujjivan SFB
    3) Janalakshmi SFB
    4) Equitas SFB
    5) Utkarsh SFB
    Answer-1) ESAF SFB
    ESAF Small Finance Bank made a partnership with NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) for local economic development.
    About ESAF Small Finance Bank:
    Headquarters – Thrissur, Kerala
    MD & CEO – Kadambelil Paul Thomas

  5. Which company collaborated (in Nov’21) with Liberty General Insurance Limited to provide motor insurance policies digitally?
    1) Google Pay
    2) Paytm
    3) Amazon Pay
    4) BHIM App
    5) PhonePe
    Answer-5) PhonePe
    Liberty General Insurance Limited has collaborated with PhonePe to provide motor insurance policies to the customers, digitally through PhonePe app.
    About PhonePe:
    Founder & CEO– Sameer Nigam
    Headquarters– Bangalore, Karnataka
    Founded– 2015

  6. Who recently (in Nov’21) became the 1st Chinese woman to walk in Space?
    1) Liu Boming
    2) Wang Yaping
    3) Ye Guangfu
    4) Liu Yang
    5) Wu Jie
    Answer-2) Wang Yaping
    Astronaut Wang Yaping was the first Chinese woman to walk in space successfully completing her 6-hour stint outside the Tiangong space station.

  7. Who got re-elected (in Nov’21) as the President of the International Gymnastics Federation?
    1) Bruno Grandi
    2) Yuri Titov
    3) Morinari Watanabe
    4) Charles Thoeni
    5) Charles Cazalet
    Answer-3) Morinari Watanabe
    Morinari Watanabe was re-elected as the President of International Gymnastics Federation for a period of 3 years.
    About International Gymnastics Federation:
    Headquarters– Lausanne, Switzerland
    Founded- 23 July 1881

  8. Who won 2021’s Mexico Grand Prix – F1 tournament that was held in Mexico city (in Nov’21)?
    1) Valtteri Bottas
    2) Max Verstappen
    3) Sergio Perez
    4) Lewis Hamilton
    5) Valtteri Bottas
    Answer-2) Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen (Netherlands) won the Mexico Grand Prix ,F1 tournament was held in Mexico City.

  9. Identify the Chess player who recently (in Nov’21) became the 71st Grandmaster of India.
    1) Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury
    2) Sankalp Gupta
    3) Praveen M Thipsay
    4) Jha Sriram
    5) Kidambi Sundararajan
    Answer-2) Sankalp Gupta
    Sankalp Gupta became India’s 71st Grandmaster by grabbing second place with 6.5 points in the GM tournament in Arandjelovac, Serbia.

  10. Which is the 1st Indian state to have the facility of tissue culture-based certification for export of cultured potatoes?
    1) Punjab
    2) Uttar Pradesh
    3) Bihar
    4) West Bengal
    5) Gujarat
    Answer-1) Punjab
    Punjab has become the first Indian state to have the facility of tissue culture-based certification, which will develop the Jalandhar-Kapurthala belt of Punjab as the export hub of potato the Punjab CM approved the ‘Punjab Tissue Culture Based Seed Potato Rules-2021’ to develop Punjab as a standard potato seed centre.